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  1. Very interested in diecast black GT500 convertible.

    Do you take pay pal?


    I just bought my first Shelby and this diecast would make my day.


  2. (SOLD) Looking to sale a few faux gas caps for the 2005-2009 Mustang. Message me if interested.
  3. I'm cleaning out the garage and want to lighten my load since I will be moving soon. So I am selling off some of my diecasts and matchbox collection. Have CS6, GT500, Terlingua, GT350, etc... I have other but too many to list... Message me for a price, I'm pretty reasonable. See attached.
  4. Now I have more time for my other little Shelby.....
  5. She's gone sold her yesterday and did not loose any money in the deal. I had a wonderful two years in my CS6 and won trophies at all car shows I entered it into except one (that was a Mopar sponsored show....) so people take notice of the CS6. The gentleman who purchased it, is a car collector and he was more than excited to buy it. It took about 6 months to sell and I received a lot of inquiry's but mostly young guys that can't afford to buy a vehicle without financing it. As you know the CS6 (Ford Mustang V6) only blue books for $6K at the most and when you are asking what I was asking you have to have the cash. That will be the case with any modern day Shelby collectible. Word to the wise, if you want to sell your Shelby you must be patient and advertise, advertise, advertise.... Here is the last pic of her sitting in the driveway just before the car shipper picked it up.
  6. Still enjoying my CS6 in South Carolina...
  7. Here are a few pics. Basically it's a 2005 CS6 Supercharge Turn 2 convertible. It has upgraded/custom interior approved by Shelby American. It is registered in the SA registry and has Carroll's signature on the dash complete with certificate of authenticity. I tried to upload but all my pics are too big for this format.
  8. Shelby 1981 I can send you a boatload of info pics, build lists, and lots of other stuff. In fact let me PM you and maybe we can swap emails that way I can send you pics etc... this site is not the best for that sort of stuff. Thanks.
  9. Oops, forgot to add the pic of my stangs...
  10. I agree Carnut12 with your comment that most will not pay V8 money for a V6 stang. I knew this going into purchasing it, but for me, it's more than just raw HP, heck my other Stang is a 800Hp monster Shelby GT500 when I want to go fast and tear thru the gears in that and let it rip. I had a similar issue when I owned/sold my 08 SGT/vert and heard all the hate on those cars. "it's just a GT with Shelby badging" etc, etc... however, they (uneducated social media stang experts) miss the point of the SGT being limited build production and all the other significant points of the SGT line. I agree, advertising will be critical to get the story out, if and when I decide to sell it. I am honestly having trouble grappling with the thought of selling it because it is such a great car to drive and show. I know once I sell it, I will most likely never have another chance and buying another one! Last night all the forces aligned and I was able to get all my stangs (and drivers) out for a quick photo shoot and the CS6 still stands out!
  11. Thanks for the responses, and I agree Larry T, I would have to find that educated buyer that understands the rarity of the CS6. I'm not looking to make a profit, just trying to ensure it get's to an owner who will appreciate it for what it is. I love taking it to car shows/events because it's a huge draw and 95% of the people that look at it just have no clue to what it is or the story behind the CS series. Heck, most Mustang owners have no clue what it is and it's fun educating them to the short history of the CS6/8 line. I think if I do decide to part with her I may put it on ebay and just put a minimum on it so that way I don't have to deal with the social media headaches from all the various and sometimes uneducated Mustang forums.
  12. Due to changes in my retirement plan, I may be entertaining the idea of selling my CS6. What are the thoughts on what the market would be on the CS series of Mustangs? What would be the best venue to sell if I decided to put her on the market. Right now I am just trying to find out what my options are and plan accordingly for retirement. Thanks.
  13. Good info, thanks for the video plug Larry T
  14. Thanks Larry T, I am switching over from the Shelby GT forums, as I am a converted GT500 and Shelby GT owner.... Though it was very difficult for me to part with my 08 Shelby GT vert, I knew it had to happen to make way for a CS6/8 series Mustang. I did a lot of research on the modern day Shelby Mustangs and I knew the CS series Mustangs is where I wanted to be. I like the CS series, and the Shelby GT (GT-H) models the most.
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