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  2. Ok, so the difference between the RXT and the stock crap is amazing. The pedal is actually lighter on this old knee than the stocker, buttery smooth, and hooks like a monster. New learning curve right now as to how it should have been from day one. Also had the transmission oil changed out to Royal Purple. No more second gear grind at this point, and very positive shifts. Kudos to Erick Voss at Voss Performance in Fullerton. He and Manny spent a ton of time on my car, and with McLeod. A true performance car guy that will settle for nothing less than excellence! Good luck on yours Mike
  3. I just dropped mine off for the very same thing. Having been in OC forever, I have no idea how I missed Erick Voss. Trust me when I say that as soon as you pull in, you KNOW you are at the right spot. I will post up a follow up in a few days when I get Mine back!!! Mike http://www.vossperf.com/
  4. Welcome, but without pics, it didn't happen.......
  5. Welcome, and best of luck on the project!!!
  6. Dov, Glad it is working out for you. I would offer one piece of advice since you have a custom tune with no tuner. Be very cautious about taking the car into the dealer for work. It is not unheard of for a dealership to update the strategy code on the car's PCM. (Without notifying the owner). You could find yourself in a bit of a pickle should this happen. Take a look at this info from Brensped..........http://www.brenspeed.com/dealerflash.html Best of luck, Mike
  7. Congrats and Welcome!! Once you get the Lund tune sorted out you will probably love it! Had mine in for a couple years now, and it has been the most Trouble free tune I have ever used. (Not to mention unbelievable performances!) WELCOME, Mike
  8. Do you mean this one??? This is not the auto-penned version, but the engraved version. I really like this plaque. The plaque has a half round back to fit the contour of the dash, and it has a notch in the back to accommodate the "Sync" emblem on the dash......... Mike
  9. And I thought mine was good, listing my 2005, 2008, and 2011...... You win......
  10. Welcome and congrats!! Nice find.
  11. Hope everyone has a safe, fun, and patriotic 4th of July!!
  12. Welcome from So Cal.... Enjoy the ride.
  13. Hello and Welcome from So Cal. Very nice ride you have, nice art work!! Congrats, Mike
  14. As well it should. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think I am going to install a flag pole. Probably an 18 foot aluminum. See fairly reasonable on E Bay from what I have searched. I would love to fly the colors every day on a regulation flag pole. Good on you for doing so. Mike PS. Love your man cave / garage. Looks awesome. I cannot wait to get started on mine. Roof on the house was replaced about three months ago, so now I can proceed with drywall and such now that it does not leak!!!
  15. Had to get a new flag for this season. Gonna get a regular flag pole before long, but in the mean time it works....... Let's not forget the reason for the Holiday!! Thank you to all have served and given the ultimate price!! Everybody post up pics of your home colors!!! Mike
  16. Second nod here to Jon Lund. While I do not have the level of mods you do, I purchased my handheld along with the JLT big air on line, with the Lund tune. Excellent tune, drives like factory, but has outstanding power increases with NO problems at all....... Mike
  17. As hard as I tried to turn mine into the garage queen you describe, I just failed and could not do it......After I first got it, I drove my 05 daily, and the Shelby on the weekends..... That did not last but a couple of months, because I just enjoy driving it way too much.... Yep, it gets dirty, sometimes gets rained on, and catches the occasional rock chip. But it also gets way more stares, thumbs up, and conversations in parking lots..... Do what you like, but enjoy the ride!!
  18. Air Bag Indicator light for passenger seat??
  19. Try here. They have excellent prices on Ammo I have found, along with some other accessories....i.e. magazines, etc...... http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/
  20. Beautiful Pics!! My Buddy's wife drives a GHIG vert. Whenever we get together for pics, it looks like a bag of skittles!!
  21. Welcome to the forum. Where abouts on the Pacific Coast?? Mike
  22. Welcome! Great choice of model year....!! Congrats, Mike
  23. I thank you sir. I agree. There is way more to life than video games and texting......Heck, I got my first .22 rifle for my birthday when I was like 14 or 15. But only after having been taught responsible gun handling and shooting by my Dad. What cracked me up was when we got targeted up and I put the first round through the Springer. I looked over my shoulder and my son was laughing so hard I thought he was going to fall down. Apparently the actual recoil and noise of a real handgun is quite different than the video games....... I feel good with the choice on the Springfield. Exactly what I wanted for home protection purposes. Well equipped with three safety features, good feel in the hand, and I like the "round in the chamber" indicator which could be very useful in low light conditions..... Thanks again, Mike
  24. Very nice, and quite unique. Nice work. Mike
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