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  1. Should have bought one (white) years ago when they were somewhat scarce. Unobtanium now.
  2. I have a Cover King and have no complaints.
  3. Arrived and installed today from CJPonyparts. As much as I hate CJPP with their ever changing availability status on their website, I ordered on June 21 and received it today. Good quality from Drake Muscle Cars.
  4. Coffee mugs and shot glasses last alot longer than t-shirts and hats.
  5. Remove the guess work and save yourself some coin. http://www.shelbystore.com/Articles.asp?q=pony+grill+emblem&ID=250&Submit=Search
  6. Mine didn't crack but the clearcoat turned milky. Called Steeda and essentially was told to go pound sand. Looks like I will steer away from Steeda products.
  7. Amazed at the prices of late. Watching.
  8. FYI, those pins make nice power plug hole covers.
  9. Still looking for backspace specs for the Alcoa KR wheels. Lets hope I find it before those tires are gone. They also have the 255 45 18 for the front at 113.00. Might just go that route. It will probably be best to go with the 285 rear and 255 front to be on the safe side.
  10. The stock tires are 235/50/18 and are 27.3" in diameter per tire size calculator.com. 285/40/18 tires are 27" in diameter so that is not a concern. The added width is what worries me. More research is necessary before I pull the trigger.
  11. Thats a great price on the Conti's. I have a set of KR wheels waiting for some new meats. Will 285's work on all four corners?
  12. No hard feelings Dave. You were right about supply and demand. I just stated what I was prepared to pay.
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