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  1. Very cool. I think every car is 1 of 1 when you factor options, year etc into it. I didn't dive deep into the numbers but it seems that way. I like that I have the only 2014 grey with a blue stripe and I'm the only 2014 grey with polished wheels too. Thanks for posting these! SSSE #39
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the update. I look forward to the build breakout in the next couple months. Hey Steve, are all the SSSEs automatically entered in the registry? Or do us owners need to do it?
  3. In the personal section there's a a half page story. Fun read. (8/3/16)
  4. Just my monthly bump for an update. It's been a year and a half since the special edition was offered and sold. Will this be indefinite because I'd love to hear about all the builds? Thanks and I appreciate the info.
  5. This is tough to see. I can understand wanting to make some money and even pass the car to someone who might be better capable of keeping it together or even to some group who might raise the profile of Shelby, but it's tough. I bought my Signature SS solely because of Shelby heritage. I could've had the car modded for cheaper and possibly a little better quality but the heritage of the brand drew me in. A totally irrational and emotional decision but that's what cars are about. I'm glad I had a chance to see it in person and take these pics with my car near the car that started it all.
  6. Any word on the last build? When can we stick a fork in this one?
  7. Sorry you are having troubles but if the pinion seal was leaking and then was fixed and then leaked again before it all blew up, do you think you had a manufacturing problem that caused something to not sit right eventually leading to failure? Also, knowing that you've put pretty high miles and track miles on a high performance car isn't it not that unusual for things to break? It's not your average Ford anymore. I'm on here and on a Ferrari forum and the number of issues on low mileage Ferraris 360s and 430s (supposedly the most reliable Ferraris) is bad and those that track their cars are constantly fixing something. Id hope the SS are more reliable than a Ferrari but with 850 HP and a non upgraded rear end I think we are all asking for it. And I am not a cool aid drinker and fully agree there is a LOT of room for improvement at Shelby.
  8. Great news! Looking forward to seeing the build numbers.
  9. Unfortunately I live in the land of Bruins and Trojans so I have to settle for my alumni plate frame and occasionally flying my UW flag. As much as I wish Sark a path to sobriety, it was enjoyable to watch all the Trojans I know realize UW got one over on them and that the cautionary tales I had told them weren't just sour grapes. It'll be fun in the coming years for the Pac12 for sure.
  10. That's just terrible. Why would you try and dump that on another member. That borders on a ban worthy offense. PS: Go Dawgs!
  11. Awesome! Love those wheels with the black stripe.
  12. Gary, I checked out LASAAC online and was tempted to join but I couldn't find any way to do it online. I'm assuming that will come with the new website. Any ballpark ETA on the new site? Thanks, Adam
  13. Nice! Love that blue on the white. I think the blue stripe color SAI uses pops way better than the Ford blue. Here's mine, #39:
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