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  1. BUMP haven't given up, last piece of the puzzle if anyone converted to SC application and doenst need they oil temp gauge anymore. Thanks!
  2. Selling off some of my Diecast collections. This is an original 1:18 diecast made by Shelby featuring the 2008 Terlingua. This is NOT the widely more produced Need for Speed model, this is as close to the car as you can get. I'd like $85 shipped anywhere in the US With original box and all packaging, never displayed Thanks!
  3. Did you install the zenor diodes to limit current flow??
  4. Anyone selling a 2008 SS Diecast? Need some parts for a Diecast project and figured I'd look here first. Thanks!
  5. Is anyone using the Aftermarket / fiberglass hood strut kit from Redline? They also made the Shelby branded ones, the Elites. Im having a small issue with the hood bowing on one side and wanted to see if I could narrow the issue down. These install with rivets to the hood underside Thanks!
  6. You'll have to wait until Ford Racing has all the data in and releases the certs for the 2019 MY. Next couple months probably
  7. Wondered if an 07 Vert owner could take a photo of their hood underneath, specifically where the emissions decal is, hood blanket and rear cowl seal. Thanks!
  8. Switch to a 5.8 blower from 13/14. That’s the mod to do for more power.
  9. With an Appearance engine cover that is. Just the FRPP unit?
  10. Wondering if any of you H owners are running a strut tower brace with the CS6 style hood that is recessed. I bought an SR strut brace I think it is, and it does not fit, hood won’t close. would a Steeda fit? any info would be helpful thanks!
  11. battery disconnect is better than just leaving it, me and the OP are at istorage type places, no power for a trickle charger. But agreed, trickle is very nice in saving the battery
  12. Yeah its not that big of deal. I rent a similar unit, 10x25. I leave it for sometimes 6+ months at a time without ever seeing it. The storage unit is in a different state and I travel constantly for work so thats just how it worked out. Definitely disconnect the battery, the drain to run the modules (keyless entry etc) will for sure drain the battery and strain the alternator if you keep jumping. I never add Stabil but do realize the gas will be stale every time and make sure to fill up with fresh gas every time I do pull it out. I wash it and put the car cover on it when it's totally dried. Lock it and disconnect the battery. I do have some minor flat spotting on my sticky tires but that goes away fast when you start driving. Mothballs I never bothered with either since these are aluminum buildings usually and mice can't really get in. No wood or drywall to easily chew through and the car is sealed up. You could leave it for a year without checking on it, it'd be fine.
  13. Bump from the dead, still in need of this if anyone has one... Thanks!
  14. Nah he said Boot cover, as in the ugly black cover over the convertible top when it's down. OP, I dont know of an aftermarket solution unfortunately
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