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  1. Eibach Pro Kit and BMR UCA, LCA with relocation brackets, Panhard and brace.
  2. I was in on the conversation with Tracey and others from SAI and our state and regional directors. They (Tracey and SAI), had a true concern over all the unhappiness about moving things around. They asked for our input on how best to satisfy the concerns of our members and we all came to the agreement which Tracey posted. She was very excited about the new website and what it will offer our existing members and also new members. As state directory for Kentucky, I was pleased that they were concererned enough about you guys and gals that Tracey called for a conference call to address your concerns. It's nice to know that they really do care about us to not just go ahead and make a corporate decision without input from the directors, that's why we are here and in place.
  3. Hi folks. My name is John Carson and I've been appointed as State Director for Kentucky. Hope to get things going in this area. Any of our members in this area feel free to chime in on any ideas you may have and we'll see if we can get something going. I enjoy shows and HPDE track days with my Shelby. Look forward to see what we can come up with in the future for our group, Team Shelby Mississippi Valley.
  4. Great meeting everyone,,,looking forward to what the future holds for us. Let's get TSMVR off and running. Awesome turnout of cars and people,,great start!!
  5. You guys make this run next year, I'd like to try and go with you. I can meet you as you come through Richmond or Berea here in Kentucky and run down with you. Nice meeting you guys yesterday as you came through Richmond,,,hope our conversation didn't cost you a round of adult beverages.
  6. I had same issue with chirping,,rear driver side,,,,bent axle,,,,,new Moser's,,,no chirp.
  7. Well, it's changing, but going the wrong way!! 65 degrees and 30% rain.
  8. Still a week out,,,hopefully it will change. Got track on Saturday. Just looked at weather channel for Concord,,,,Saturday 19th 20% chance of rain, 76 degrees.
  9. Yeah,,,I'm done. True,,,,,it's about the Mustang,,,not Shelby. I apologize to Jer or anybody else that I may have offended. I was just trying to lobby for SA to come to Charlotte. As I said, I'm done!!!
  10. Ok,,,I kicked the cricket and it has spoken!!! All I'm saying is the 50th has been coming for 50 years,,,just seems like poor planning to have not took into consideration SA's presence at both events. I understand the move, and the Shelby Vegas Bash, and 50th in Vegas. Just saying would have been nice to feel the love on the east coast from SA for the 50th. As far as a hidden question in a thread,,,,I point blank started a thread on Jan 8th asking of SA's attendance in Charlotte,,so it was out there,,,just never responded to,,,sorry if you missed it, but it was there. I'm done, and will no longer badger you or SA over not coming to Charlotte. Have a nice day Jer. I do give you props for being on here and revamping responses and shipping from SA since you've been onboard.
  11. See,,,here we go,,,nothing but crickets from SA!!!
  12. I started a thread asking the same thing and no response from Jer or anybody from SA??? Pretty sad,,,there are proud Shelby owners on the east coast and the fact that SA couldn't send someone from there with a small display to a 50th celebration is very much a dis by them.
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