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  1. You should be able to edit you own posts. Maybe someone else can chime in because I see something different
  2. As we wrap up the east coast nationals, just a reminder, we aint done yet
  3. The red cars dont get stripes. For me, that's a no go so, back to blue. Still love the red ones
  4. We also have a newly formed Milwaukee Chapter.
  5. To answer the one question, no, ownership is not a requirement, enthusiasm is
  6. My R has made it home. Dont need no stinkin Vette 🤣. Tried to upload photos but no go so far.
  7. I see both points of view. By name, the Ford GT is a Ford GT. IMHO, there is more simularities between the original and the current model. As stated the 04 series was more of a tribute to the original while the original and the current were race cars adapted to the streets. There is a loose correlation between the GT500 and the current Ford GT pricing. The new Ford GT is a huge step forward from the previous generations. But trully, it is unique. The GT500 is also a large step forward but, as noted, prices have been rising on all vehicles. You might as well add the F150 to the mix.
  8. Good to hear. You are not to first to show improvements with the Amsoil. I will change mine almost immediately after delivery. I am extremely happy with my first GT350 and hoping my R will be the same. No other car remotely like it
  9. Sign up is open https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/dearborn-invasion-2-together-again-henry-ford-museum-great-lakes-team-shelby-356588?fbclid=IwAR1PN7shmX4o0omvnY91Lk_Oa51NiztNMm7JE5S0dLyE9StqDAKPQ5OTdBc#.XPBQ3T8WwmQ.facebook
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