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  1. I also believed there was no difference but ther is significan evidence now that there is. The cam phazers in the R engine are a G3 part number vs the F3 GT350 part. The response below was reportedly from a Ford Engineer involved with the Voodo "The GR3Z phasers are the low leak phasers, definitely recommended for your type of racing, and the ones in our kit. The current data shows they go in the GT350R only. It looks like they may have been introduced after the 2016MY. With the FR3Z phasers, you could experience a condition where the cams start to oscillate due to excessive leakage of the phaser and then the PCM will park the cams to initial position due to the fault. Oil viscosity/quality/temperature plays a large part in this as well."
  2. From what I know, the 10 speed was not considered reliable. Technically, the DTC is not an automatic, Technically. There will be no stick viariety available. And the color mentioned in the beginning of the thread is Legend Lime not Grabber. I believe the 71 is the Mustang is the only true lime car from Ford but I could definitely be wrong on that. The New DTC is the way to go. I have a 19 GT350R on the way and I wish I could get the DTC
  3. well, I could not pass this up for 84 dollars. Normally 200 something.
  4. The best looking, slowest Corvette ever made in that picture IMO....80-82..... ….They still don't look out of place even today. Fixed
  5. Nice that you got a small upgrade for your troubles
  6. I for one dont care if they replace the motor in mine if it needs it as long as the R motor gets replaced with the R motor
  7. I had a 16 and drove it easier for 1000 miles. Not that I didn't kick it in the arsh from time to time mind you. I used a quart every 3 to 4 thousand miles. I have a 19R on the way as well. Yea, there are faster cars but, not as fun
  8. Build date for mine is April. I got the non upgraded version
  9. I switched from the Motorcraft oil after two changes to Amsoil. I had zero issues and very low oil consumption. You can never go wrong following Fords direction. No where will it say to baby the engine. Just no long term wide open jaunts.
  10. Thanks. Ill make fun of Camaros and Vettes all day long but in the end, enjoy the ribbing we give and get and respect the tastes of all
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