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  1. They have a specific test they do. They will change the oil and seal the system. Drive it 500 miles and they check again. If it exceeds the limit you get a new 19/20 Gen 2 engine
  2. Kohr Motorsports announced they are running Austin Martin for IMSA this year. Apparently, IMSA is not interested in any Ford competing in their races. The Mustangs were rendered uncompetitive and Im sure the Ford GT was as well. Politics in racing
  3. Somehow lost power obviously. The fact it clicked makes it sound battery related even with the jump
  4. If you have never been, here is an article about last year https://driveline-mag.com/2019/11/25/a-look-inside-the-2019-shelby-bash/
  5. Tires are a bit limited on the car. Think the 4s tires would work well. I have RE 71s and I like those
  6. They had some great sales on 305's but I think they are over. The PP cars used 305 square but those are R compound tires. My R uses 305s front, 315 rear
  7. I didn't call anyone out. It was a general comment to the group. I felt comfortable coming in here before. Something has changed and I would like some to reflect on that
  8. Keith, Not to defend childish comments but since coming back I notice, any comment about the C8 the collective group here deems as negative Is quickly either ignored, dismissed or attacked as idiotic. Posts meant to be interactive are quickly attacked and conversation shut down by making the person not want to come back here. Nowhere has anyone said the C8 is not a great vehicle. But you wouldn't think so from some of the responses
  9. Its like buying a raptor as a road course car. The GT350's heritage has always been a road course car as you well know. The GT500 was the street brawler and drag racer. Now, the GT500 does both. The coyote is better suited for drag racing, The 18 350 shouldn't feel a lot better then your 16 since they are the same, My 19 R does feel beter but there are GT500 components on the 19/20 but, I cant say they are the reason for a different feel
  10. Porsche guy misses a lot of lines, Shelby driver is not smooth. I realize its his first time in the car, Funny, He said the 350R had better corner speeds. Not bad for a slow car
  11. I can dig it up later but, that is the 350, not a 500. I also used one in the race car and caught a lot of oil. Bot are run hard. I dont think its needed for a street machine
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