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  1. Welcome, Let me know if you need help with that membership
  2. Actually heard of others with the same issue
  3. I am in the bay when they do it. I trained them. Sad, yes
  4. Many have had issues. Its a Dealer installed part and they are known not to install them correctly.
  5. The 19/20 Vodoo uses the GT500 head for commonality not because there was anything wrong with the old head or valve train. The 19/20 engines in the 350 and 350R are the same as pervious R models which is a little different than the Standard GT350. Any replacements have gotten the R motor
  6. Geeze, posting news from a socialist website. Have you guys lost it? I thought I'd do you a favor and show you the view out of the windshield of the current C8 Model
  7. Wont argue against the value, its definitely there. Just not digging the style. It may grow on me though. Sorry I missed you at RA
  8. Was at RA as well. Again, not impressed with the looks of the C8 (color was not a help) I truly like the C7 better. Now the GT500 zero to 60 is 3.5. Will be interesting to see how that compares when you start o-100 ect
  9. Hey Tim. I use my iPhone when I travel and read TS. The ignore feature isn’t on. Why do you let a few people constantly come on the C8 non topic thread and post negative statements aimed at us guys. Just put a stop to it and tell those few people that not acceptable behavior. 

    Thanks. Mike 

  10. Your not nuts. For that price, not a bad deal at all. Get an extended warranty to protect yourself
  11. Nice. Interesting to see the last 2 years of production
  12. This is a great option. Paint will always last longer. On the other hand, if you ever want to change it up...….
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