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  1. R's still command a price but MSRP should be doable until they get too rare. Keep in mind, a new 19 may be a better choice since they may discount it more and there is very little difference between the 19 and 20
  2. Front Fenders, hood, facia are all different. Brake system...
  3. Same as the mode option except it is specific to exhaust unlike sport mode ect. Switch is easier
  4. Congrats on the new 350! Excellent choice. Break it in as the manual says and enjoy
  5. Bob is just south of me and he is a nice guy. Funny, the Ranchero in the picture with the Mach 1 is a Y code. Yup, 390 2V but a Four Speed car
  6. I added the red to mine as well. I wasn't sure but I love it
  7. 1400 ish Its a lot of fun to drive and the R has a different sound
  8. The 19 production numbers are not out the last I checked. The picture above was when the car had less then 100 miles on it
  9. Would love too hear actual numbers. The bean counters are the ones who tolf them not to put coolers on the 16's
  10. Dont look for a Shaker although I know that was discussed in Ford. The new cars dont lent itself to it. Dont see the Bullitt back for 2021 and dont take everything you read as gospel. As far as the 350 FPC, if failure rates were as bad as all you internet experts suggest, they would have been gone a long time ago
  11. My days revolve around either staying home or, going into work. Trying to be productive at home but also rest for when I have to go in. Terror or boredom, not sure whats worse 😂
  12. 59 is not bad. There are a few differences in the 19's and up. The 19 350 has the same motor as the R. The earlier versions were different. Since our looking at the R, not a big change
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