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  1. Welcome everyone!
  2. yes sir, that was mine. Sold her
  3. It will be a while before those are out due to everything going on
  4. Thats because he is I was on the board with John. Nice guy and he ordered the same R as I have
  5. The base 20 GT350 was there as well. It ran with the Base GT500 time wise
  6. Did not use the paddel shifters. The car is actually quicker by itself. And Yes, The standard Trans is a big part of that
  7. You guys take down my post about car buying. Sean and mrh1961 have been dogging every post of mine . Criticizing instead of adding something to the tread. You take mine down but not mrh1961. Using words like stupid idea of other derogatory statements. Sure I ignore them but don’t appreciate always being criticized in every post . Take some action and tell them to knock it off. Or I will and it won’t be pleasant . 

  8. Drove the car last week. Its is extreemly fast and unlike others her, I like the looks. But driving it on track left me a bit empty. You sit in the seat and steer. I just felt somewhat unattached. I wil not replace the R with a 500. Maybe someday as a daily but I love the balance of the R on track and the third pedal even though the shifting in the GT500 is much quicker
  9. Hey Tim. I posted a short explanation about why I bought a GT500 and sold my C8 . it was a nice response to Sean . Nothing rude or derogatory just a explanation of what I have been doing over the past 41 years. It was more meant for the GT500 members. Please read it and tell me why it was deleted. This place is getting way to strict In everyday posting. Please response when after you read it and point out what rules I broke .

     Thanks. Mike 

  10. Racing isnt racing anymore, Sanctioning bodies pick and choose who wins. Its disappointing
  11. That actually take a corner. Well, except the Challenger
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