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  1. None of you are responsible for the lack of participation on this site. As the new site is being built, this one has been neglected for obvious reasons. The only sites I see thrive only do so because of intense effort by the site owners. They engage in announcements, news (mostly regurgitated) and send notifications via email. Team Shelby has moved to social media for those things for better or for worse depending on your point of view. I understand the detractors on this thread as well as the regular posters here. You both have valid points. In this age of being unreasonable, sit back for a minute and think how and why there are battle lines drawn here. Nothing is going to change in the short term. I appreciate those of you who like all cars. But this has become somewhat of a C8 worship thread. A little over the top for me. On the other hand, I just dont come in here anymore unless someone reports something. I was supposed to be at the Bash this week. I am highly disappointed. Instead, I am back and forth at work, transporting sick patients to the hospital all with flu like symptoms. This is not important as life goes
  2. I would add, SAAC and Team Shelby have more and more been working together to put on high quality events. If you would like to talk, send me a PM and I would be happy to have a conversation about Team Shelby from a regional perspective
  3. BOP is not the problem. Its the people behind the BOP who are either really dumb or, manipulate the results. I love IMSA but they are killing it. And, If you cant compete, why show up?
  4. OK, please tell my you are not surprised. There is a Reason KOHR switched from Mustang to Aston Martin. BOP is a disaster for IMSA
  5. If anyone has any questions about the track, please let me know. The survival guide is out and it is extensive. Please read it and help the committee provide you the best experience we can
  6. Agreed, The Mustang is not to compete with the Corvette. That's th Ford GT although, dont think we will see them much longer
  7. I dont have the heart to watch IMSA this year. I have seen to much manipulation which appears to me to have the sanctioning body choose winners. Seems racing all over is that way. When people start to realize their brand or their driver cant win, people will walk away from the sport (already seeing this) And for you no Cheeseheads Green Bay Packers lead series 36-32-1
  8. They have a specific test they do. They will change the oil and seal the system. Drive it 500 miles and they check again. If it exceeds the limit you get a new 19/20 Gen 2 engine
  9. Kohr Motorsports announced they are running Austin Martin for IMSA this year. Apparently, IMSA is not interested in any Ford competing in their races. The Mustangs were rendered uncompetitive and Im sure the Ford GT was as well. Politics in racing
  10. Somehow lost power obviously. The fact it clicked makes it sound battery related even with the jump
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