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  1. Good to hear. You are not to first to show improvements with the Amsoil. I will change mine almost immediately after delivery. I am extremely happy with my first GT350 and hoping my R will be the same. No other car remotely like it
  2. Sign up is open https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/dearborn-invasion-2-together-again-henry-ford-museum-great-lakes-team-shelby-356588?fbclid=IwAR1PN7shmX4o0omvnY91Lk_Oa51NiztNMm7JE5S0dLyE9StqDAKPQ5OTdBc#.XPBQ3T8WwmQ.facebook
  3. I wanted to let you all know, I did not reach the conclusion to restore the thread on my own. Tracey is a true supporter of free speech (with rules of course) and has no issues discussing other brands and, I did reach out to her prior. I dont set policy, I only follow it. Now, about those memberships 😂
  4. GT350 is getting rave reviews https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1123071_first-drive-review-2019-ford-mustang-shelby-gt350-gets-a-grip-on-its-mission
  5. Well, we had such a great time last year. If your so inclined, start at the track on August 13th and 14th moving to Dearborn. We will be visiting at least one of the largest Ford collections in the world. On Friday, we will board a private train and where someone will meet their demise and, its up to us to find the culprit (after Dinner of course) Saturday its private parking at Woodward with Shelby America and a few other notable folks. More details will follow but make sure you save the dates cause its going to be a blast August 13th, 14th track days August 15th, through the 23rd in Dearborn Stay tunned
  6. The events dont produce themselves. Directors and State directors and members put a lot of effort into making them happen. My point is this, if that's something you want to see, can it happen, absolutely! Call your regional or state rep and get the conversation going. That's how Dearborn happened and will happen this year again. If you want more info, reach out to me via PM and we will chat
  7. Let me see if I can put some context into the discussion in an effort to end the daruma, although I highly doubt that will happen. To those who say that thread should not exist, and those who say it should, you both have valid points. Most sites specific to a certain brand would not allow such a tread to exist. There are some that will allow the comparison but, few that will allow a specific tread to follow the development of a competitor. Those sites are usually privately owned and as such, have a little more leeway. That being said, it says a lot to the commitment to free speech that SAI and Team Shelby has. Now, Free speech is a God given right, this platform is not. We will always try to accommodate our members so, I ask, before you level criticisms, keep that forefront in your mind. A decision we make will probably make one group happy while making the other group the opposite. The conduct that got the C8 thread shut down was actually not surprising considering the activity in the thread. But, in conjunction with all that had happened, it was fatal. We have rules out there for conduct. They are not that strict. Treat each other with respect or at worst, ignore each other. I find it disappointing when I allow others to control my emotion. If someone gets under your skin, you are allowing that. Use the ignore button both on the site and internally. If you feel the need to poke at someone, stop, think and pass on that opportunity. Have some “Damn Fun” as we say because you can go to work for drama. In the end, I would ask that we not start another brand specific thread outside of the Shelby product line. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to post and discuss competition but, let’s understand there is a lot of competition out there and not one other car in the world. And, we are A Shelby club and, Shelby is aligned with Ford. Lastly, how many of you are paid members? Team Shelby is one of the few car organizations that is growing. That’s due to the leadership of Tracey and the direction set. I realize some of you don’t make any events and your participation is confined to this webpage. IF that is the case, I would just like to say that one, this website costs money to operate and membership supports that cost. But, more importantly, you are missing out on some fantastic events and great times and great friendships. If you have comments or questions, please PM me. If need be, we can chat by phone.
  8. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Smokin+tire+GT350R+test&view=detail&mid=BC0F64076EF67D75F129BC0F64076EF67D75F129&FORM=VIRE
  9. We called the GT500 the flying pig when it came to road courses. Keep in mind, that's what we drove. The longer the GT500 was around, the better it got at turning corners but, It cant out due the R. The new GT500 will be faster than the ZL1 LE and I will go out on a limb and say significantly faster. But, it two wont handle like an R. Cant cheat physics and all the weight on both cars take its toll. The video above was fast but on the edge as well. Good driving
  10. From a guy that owns both a GT350R and a ZL1 1LE he said the R is a better handling car and of course the Camaro has much more power. On a small track/medium track, advantage Mustang. On a long track, Camaro takes it.
  11. I did not go down this weekend. There is another event in July and Im sure Ill make it there. I was going to go to Jefferson but decided not to venture out in the crap weather
  12. Some dealers will call the previous owners and see if they can release the information
  13. Yea, Funny thing was a friend with a 350 had transmission issues and was pissed because he missed the event. He stated, "Ill just go out and by a new Corvette" Any of them can have issues
  14. Track days at Road America this weekend, Lots of 350s running as well as other cars. On car blew a motor, never guess which one! maybe you will
  15. My 08 GT500 did it. I only noticed it when I picked up pieces that required me to raise the seat and move it forward. Freaked me out at first
  16. All the Mustang hoods do this. Doesn't mean they will come off but, Id rather have the pins, makes me feel better
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