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  1. Do the 2011 Shelby plates fit an 08? or is there a recommendation on another set, I see Steeda has a set that fits.
  2. I am getting ready to lower my 2008 GT-500 using FRPP M-5300-L springs, Strut Mounts & Jounce bumpers , Tokico Spec D shocks & Struts, and a BMR adjustable Pan hard bar. Would someone with a similar installation please advise if they needed Caster Camber plates after lowering the car? Thanks
  3. Thanks again everyone. I'm thinking I'll go with BMR uca's and billet lca's and poly bushings and 2011 uca brackets. You guys have been great! This was just what I was looking for.
  4. Thanks Gents, that's the mind of info I was looking for.
  5. I know this has been discussed ad nausium on here, but I'm getting lost in the variety of opinions and need some sage advice. I have an 08 GT-500, all stock. I had pretty bad rear wheel hop when the back wheels broke free (burn oust) I installed the Shelby Anti-wheel hop brackets from the Shelby parts store. This fixed the wheel hop but created a rumbling/rattling in the rear during high acceleration. I'm pulling them off and going back to stock parts. My question is this. I drive the car on the street 1k-2k miles a year. I'd like to take it to the road track once or twice at Summit Point and maybe Auto-cross later. I'd like it to 1) keep it's rear wheels on the ground 2) not lower it significantly 3) not spend more than $500-$1000 fixing the suspention 4) not make it a beast to drive/ride in If anyone has a reasonable solution for me, I'd really appreciate it, I love the car and want to be able to drive it to it's potential. Thanks in advance
  6. That should do it
  7. %$#$@ Spell Check, Thanks
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