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  1. https://zl1addons.com/products/premium-universal-magpad-for-mustang-charger-and-most-all-other-cars-with-a-2-inch-opening-for-pinch-weld?variant=28542348481 I use these. They are magnetic and thinner than a hockey puck. They fit right in the middle of the larger jack surfaces. Just make sure you select the right ones for your car. Hope it helps.
  2. Thanks much! I got the red to add a little color to the undercarriage!
  3. Yes, It is the two different sizes with the collectors. Thanks for pointing that out. I have it up on the rack this week, so replacing those that need it.
  4. I don't see any Brake Duct Hoses at SPP, so looking for any recommendations on what to buy to replace worn hoses on my 07 GT500SS. Or, any specific guidelines. Thanks, Curt
  5. Have had nothing but good experiences with both Ted Britt Ford, Fairfax (Marco is a service rep) and Koons Ford Sterling (if more than routine, you can ask for Eric to be the mechanic--he's very Shelby friendly and knowledgeable). I have had my GT500 to them for service and repairs before and after the Super Snake upgrade. Good luck with the new car! Curt
  6. Jdaallen, yours looks slightly familiar! Hope my pic shows.
  7. Had a Ford mechanic tell me he already had to replace a tranny in one. Mentioned he didn't think the tranny was up to the truck. No details so take it for what it's worth. Saw one at a show last weekend and it's an awesome truck!
  8. Had a blast at the Ponies at the Point track and banquet. Great meeting everyone. As some of you may have noticed I did not join you Friday morning as planned? Unfortunately/fortunately, I got a call early morning Friday that my daughter was in labor so came home for my first grandchild's birth! Special thanks to Sean and Z-man for all the work. We'll do it again next year I hope. Curt
  9. Bruce, in Northern VA, Ted Britt Ford in Fairfax. Make sure you request Eric. Eric has always worked on my GT500, before and after Super Snake. He knows Shelby's. Good luck!
  10. The Hole Shot is an add on to the SS package that gets you over 900 HP at the crank. It also includes the anti-hop option. Can't remember the details of what each entails.
  11. Anything new on registration for Ponies at the Point??
  12. But in Korean it is said phonetically sam bek yuk ship chil! Gotta show off when I can.
  13. Haha! If you're talking about the spam, it's Korean; not Japanese. It's advertising internet gambling. This time around it's focusing on baccarat. Hope they find a way to get rid of them for good. Curt
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