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  1. I just wanted to thank the Shelby store for the fast processing and shipments of my orders, My Gear Shift Knob and Billet Gas Door were at my house 5 days from the day it ordered, I love both of them. Today I just received my floor mats and could not be happier with them. I am waiting on my Shelby Plaque but I understood before ordering it may take 6 weeks,
  2. No limiter on the coupes, mne went to 170 with no problems at all
  3. The 2014 is exactly like mine I paid close to that with no regrets
  4. I just ordered these, are any of you using them and are they plug and play? http://www.vleds.com/5k-white-10-led-drl-fog-light-bulbs-5202-9009-h16-psx24w-1-pair.html
  5. Nice car man, Just like mine except for the stripes, Sterling Grey is my favorite color of these super cars and your picture just sold me on the billet gas cap!
  6. I got "GT500" on the new Rock and Soul Tennessee plate, this will look awesome!
  7. Has anyone of you installed one of these? I would love to see pictures of one these installed, I am guessing it replaces the factory door to your gas tank I am thinking i may do this if it looks good
  8. Nice! i was planning on buying a 2014 Stingray corvette but fell in love with my GT 500, I think we are both much better off for going with our Shelby's!
  9. Lucky man you are, Congrats I traded my 2011 Raptor in on my 2014 Shelby, i have all the options you are getting and I promise you will love that car!
  10. Thank you Gents, I just hard wired my Valentine One in her and when the weather finally breaks here and we get a nice day I will have a blast!
  11. Hello everyone, I just yesterday traded my beloved 2011 Raptor in on a Metallic Grey with SVT performance, Electronics, Track Package and Recaro seats, I absolutely love this car!
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