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  1. Can anyone recommend a shop in metro Detroit to have a McLeod RXT clutch installed ?
  2. Where can I find replacement center caps for these wheels ? You can no longer see the CS logo in the center. I called the Shelby wheel company and they were no help.
  3. Thumbs up to Michelin pilot super sports. I Installed last summer. The only bummer was waiting 4 months to come off back order
  4. I had the super sports installed last week. 265 and 295. Great tires. From a roll, the stock Goodyears would break loose and the car would go side ways (565 rwhp) at about 30 mph, with the Michelins the there is slight wheel spin and the car goes straight. Turn in way improved. Much quieter on the free way.
  5. How many miles are the super sports good for on the street?
  6. Thinking of replacing the Goodyear hockey pucks. The 285 40 18 Pilot Sports AS/3 are on backorder, with none scheduled. Super Sports are available in: 295 35 18 and 265 40 18. Anyone running these on a 2007 GT500? Car is lowered 2". Thanks.
  7. I'm looking to replace tires on my 2007 GT500. The tire dealers around Detroit are telling me the P28540ZR 18 is on national backorder with no scheduled production date. Anyone know where there are any? They suggested the Continentals or the Goodyears. Goodyear doesn't make the F1 in the new G2 version in the proper sizes. Suggestions? Karl
  8. Has anyone installed a Raptor shift light? Suggested location in dash? How difficult is installation into a/c vent? Thanks
  9. Any recommendations for shifter upgrade: Barton or MGW? Thanks.
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