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  1. I remember having a hard time getting it into reverse after the RXT install sometimes.. Putting it into 5th was a hit or miss sometimes as well...
  2. Sorry for the cross posting but seriously considering doing this on my 2012 but need to know compatibility issues and additional parts that would need to be changed out to do this procedure. Would really like to pick somebody's brain who has done this...
  3. I would have to say almost never is it good for surprises after the sale.. But in this case it's not too bad, may keep them on, not sure have to drive it more to decide. Anyway it's a good surprise I guess since it's an upgrade that can easily be replaced to stock.
  4. A clutch? Jeezz...had to replace the one in my 2008 at 20,000 miles what's up with the lame clutches?
  5. Really looking to know what the negatives may be and of course the positives. What other modifications are needed? Fuel injectors? Spark plugs? I don't plan on changing anything on the OEM SC just direct swap. Pretty sure will need a tune, who can provide that, I have the SCT X4 unit. ANY and ALL input will be greatly appreciated!!
  6. I don't know..the research I saw was about a 21hp gain with the SCT Tuner from their page and 12hp or so with the pulley..from an American Muscle video.. or something to that effect..
  7. Right. By the time and money spent on doing the usual, easy, relativily cheap upgrades, I think a one time install of a '13-14 5.8 Super Charger will satisfy my needs. And cost about the same in the end. Looking for at least 600 HP, any thing over that is an added bonus. Soon You will see a new post asking about the process and succeses of the above named procedure. I have been asking a lot of questions, so I will calm down for a while.
  8. Did some research in a panic last night. It seems the usual bolt on's...pulley, tune and CAI... don't do much for the 10-12 models. I do understand the stock CAI is already on the 2012 and a aftermarket cant make much of a difference. Research shows the 07-09's are more receptive to them. Hence my original query a few weeks ago regarding easy add on's and results for the 10-12 models. Honestly, I'm thinking the only real choice for notable Hp increase with these is a supercharger upgrade, I welcome additional input.. Really do not want to put the cash out after purchasing the car this week, but to go down in performance isn't an option, at least I don't think. Who ever thought 550Hp would be unsatisfying?
  9. Took my newly purchased 2012 out tonight for a good run for the first time. I cant believe but it is slower than my traded 2008.. I thought they would be at least the same? This just a seat of the pants comparison, nothing verifiable, but for instance, being in 3rd, flooring it would put me back in my seat in the 08, the '12 doesn't do that and seems to take a while to catch up. The 08 did have CAI, a 91 octane tune and 2.6 SC pulley installed. I thought the 3.73 gears in this one would make up for that. Some 6 series BMW blew by tonight like I was standing still. HOPING a 2.6 SC pulley and tune from VMP will bring it back to specs and relieve a little bit of my buyers remorse. PLEASE no comments about me putting the car down..just honest thoughts welcome.
  10. Brought home my new (too me) 2012 and driving home from the dealer (an hour away) it seemed to sound very loud in the cabin. It was beginning to bother me, the constant drone. I was thinking man, I would have a hard time driving this long distances or having a normal conversation with a passenger. Well...looked under it last night and low and behold I see stainless steel KOOKS mufflers and 3" pipes attached to the catalytic converter H pipe! Its too loud for me needless to say...so I will soon be in the market for a trade back to stock pipes & muffler. I assume the stock pipes are 2.5"?
  11. Actually found out a few more "identifiers": No stripes on gear shift knob and red colored rear shock covers, as seen through wheel.
  12. Also has the glass roof option..not sure how I feel about that..
  13. Trying to load pics but all TOO BIG! Original Good Years.
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