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  1. I live in SE Michigan- there is a SAC club that has members can look at it or MOCSEM has some members that are familiar with that year, if it hasn't been wrecked by looking at the carfax.
  2. I talked with my SIL yesterday about the order & she's not to happy since they charged her card right away & its taken 4 months for 2 shirts? Guess I wont be getting any Xmas stuff from SA next year.
  3. I didn't place the order but called her when after I went to the SAC meeting to see what was going on. I hope this isn't strike 3
  4. My sister in law ordered some shirts for me(2) for Christmas & only 1 arrived last week, is a 2-3 month wait normal? They told her that it was from moving the store but that was in December.
  5. My 3rd or 4th post wont be about the Xmas stuff that hasn't come yet. <3
  6. It took a while but I got my radiator cover in 10 weeks. Nice & worth the wait but communication is his downfall. It still came faster than my Team Shelby kit.
  7. Moroso is making one right now & I think its a clear bowl & with a video of it in action on a Caddie on Youtube.
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