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  1. Update from some good runs last night (nice and cold - about 42 F). My car is 100% stock except for the slicks. 11.86 @ 119.7 60': 1.736 Tires at 15 psi I launched at 3800 with a full drop of the clutch. I also slammed the gas to the floor a split second before dropping the clutch. The launch went pretty well with 10-20' or so of slipping and great traction once they kicked in. The shift into second grabbed hard and off I went. I really like this setup. My one complaint might be the ride gets a little squirrely at 120 mph and those 10" slicks, but it's nothing to get too worried about. It's well worth it for the grip at the line.
  2. No, I didn't have to modify anything to fit in this setup. If you want to run the 15" wheels, then you have to relocate the rear sway bar (there are a few threads on that). But as long you as get a 17" wheel with a backspacing above 6", there should be plenty of room in there to fit it completely stock. Mine is a 2012, though; I am not sure if anything changed slightly with the suspension for the 2013-2014 models.
  3. I know there are a handful of threads of different track setups for any years that have the 20" rear wheels. I have a 2012 with the SVTPP and tossed around the relocation of the rear sway bar to fit 15's or squeezing in Nitto 305s, M/T's or other drag radial. I haven't seen much on the setup I finally chose, so I wanted to throw out what I found. I went with the Hoosier 28x10-17 slicks ($220 from Summit - link below) mounted on some 17x9 replica wheels from American Muscle ($110/each - link and specs below). The 28" Hoosiers are only slightly smaller than the stock tires when inflated. Theoretically, the diameter difference should be 0.1", although I did find it to be slightly more exaggerated in real life. The Hoosiers were at 15 psi, and I saw about 1/4" difference from the stock Goodyear ties at 35 psi.. I obviously I not concerned about the speedo difference for a track setup, and I never had any difficulty with the traction system registering problems. There is very little overhang, as you can see here: The clearance from the shocks and everything else in the wheel well is also more than acceptable. As far as performance, I unfortunately only got two runs in this week. Both were disappointing, and I still have a lot to learn about launching this car with the slicks. I can say, though, that traction was perfect without a single slip at any point. Now, I just need to figure out the best launch RPM and amount of feathering/clutch dropping. Any experience from others here would really be appreciated! Best run: 2.01 60': 12.4 @ 116 Wheels: 17 x 9 with a +30 mm offset (6.18" backspace) http://www.summitracing.com/parts/hoo-18157/overview/ http://www.americanmuscle.com/chrome-10th-17x9-0512.html Some other pics of the setup: Thanks for looking! I have really gotten a lot out of other's posts on this site and and happy to finally have something to add myself!
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