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  1. All fair comments and I appreciate the help. I'm relatively sure I'm sticking with the GT500. It's paid for...why not keep it right. I did run 2 seconds a lap faster running in a combined group; I wasn't sure if this was due to adjusting my tire pressures, a lighter fuel load or just adjusting my line running with cars in a higher run group. Perhaps all 3. One issue I have with R compound tires is I'm currently on temporary assignment in CA and I have to drive to the track with all my supplies in the car. I don't have anyone to haul tires (or come get me if I break something). I'd like to get 18" rims and may try the BFG Rivals. I do enjoy passing cars that cost 2-3X this GT500.
  2. I'm running MPSS. You make a good point about tires. I was planning on new tires and 18" wheels as well.
  3. LOL! Yes, I probably suffer from this syndrome. The local road course instructor (Big Willow) felt like the car was capable of a few a second or two just the way it is. No doubt I've picked up speed each time out so more seat time is legitimate.
  4. LOL. I saw the fire...not good.
  5. Ok guys, I'm at a crossroads. What I really love about cars is taking them to the track. The Shelby always impresses me and I generally run toward the front in the middle run group. I could certainly pick up more speed just the way the car is with more driver modification but since my car does not even have the SVT package I can help but think how it would handle with new coilovers, watts, torque arm, etc. I could put 10k into suspension/tires/wheels and have a finished product OR I could sell and add the 10k to a 2009-2012 Z06. My concern is losing the value of the mods versus just buying a factory car. I'm also wondering if a full Cortex/Griggs car runs with a Z06, everything else being equal.
  6. Good to know. I hadn't heard of using WD40.
  7. I realize it's a different brand...I'm just saying it apparently happens.
  8. I had the same looking crack in a set of BFG KDWs. Found it the night before a track day and scrambled to find Hancook's. I never liked the KDW's anyway.
  9. I don't know if this has already been found or not but I worked for an hour yesterday trying to get all the rubber marks off my car after 3 track days. I probably got 50% off after an hour or so with just washing the car and scrubbing on it with a towel. An hour or so later I took my SUV into PepBoys to get the oil changed (Yes I perform my own maintenance on my GT500) and I saw a Goodyear product called an EZ Eraser for auto, boat and RV finishes. The package said it "effortlessly removes scuffs and smudges" with just water. It looks like a white sponge. It was 2 for $3 so I bought 2 to try. Anyway...I removed the other 50% of the rubber scuffs in about 10 minutes with minimal/minimal effort. Great product...I can't say enough good about it. Travis
  10. I dogged him for about 5 laps and finally got close enough I think he knew I was marginally faster; he blew his corner down the hill and I think he got tired of me behind him. If I had more fuel I would have stayed out and I believe I could have caught that Corvette in front of him. This was the combined Purple and Black groups. (Black being the faster, more experienced group.) I ran purple and the GT-R and Corvette ran in the black group and were placed 1 and 2 on grid. No doubt a GT-R in the right hands is a bad fast car. Car is stock...except for the brake components listed in my signature. It doesn't even have the SVT package...just SVT tuned...whatever that is. I have MPSS 265's on the front and Hancook 285's on the rear..(I had tire issues and they were all I could find in a pinch). I think with MPSS's on the rear the car would feel even better. It's my 2nd time to Big Willow and 7th track day so I'm still learning...this lap and this session I ran 1:40 - 1:41 laps consistently and the car felt good. I used about a tank and a quarter in 4 sessions... this is the most fuel I've ever used.
  11. I ran a few 1:40 laps at Big Willow today but what I really enjoyed was chasing a GT-R and finally wearing him out.
  12. Good stuff. Thanks Frank. I've watched a few videos but this is a great description. I always like to read which corners can be taken faster than they look or feel. The weather looks to be 66 degrees F and sunny. I'll let you know how it goes...stock GT500 except upgraded brake rotors, pads, cooling ducts and transmission cooler.
  13. I'm heading to Willow Springs Raceway this weekend to run Big Willow. Anyone here heading out on Saturday? Anyone on the board been to Willow Springs to run Big Willow? If so...any thoughts about the track/line/etc? Travis
  14. I'd like to think we're just working smarter...not harder.
  15. One item I bought after seeing another driver with it was a Craftsman 19.2V cordless air compressor. I already had the Craftsman tools and batteries though so this was a no-brainer. It takes up little to no room and also has a digital gauge which is handy as a reference. I also bought the Craftsman 19.2V 1/2" drive impact gun which works great for removing and installing lug nuts.
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