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  1. has anyone ran a 15" rim and drag radial on there car???? if so how did it hook up THANKS
  2. yes there only 2 settings I am using drag radials now
  3. has anyone tried different suspension settings when taking off or from a roll for best traction????
  4. depends on what your looking for is it a dailey driver or just for nice days to go for a spin?
  5. got my car back and had a chance to go for a drive. I can definitely notice a gain in hp. in Michigan it was 60 deg when I drove it and just spun a lot. I picked up 47hp on e85 dyno is at 758hp and 705 torque at 2800rpm
  6. wow bet it runs great when u put it on the dyno u might have more hp than that
  7. AZ08GT500 what kind of hp are you making on that set up????
  8. car went in today for e85. i will post hp gains when i get it back. there is some good info on e85 at kennybell e85
  9. they say up to 50hp and cooler temps
  10. I am taking car in on monday I will post some info when i get it back. I live in MI e85 is easy to get
  11. i am not concerned about fuel mpg E85 I read has a octane rating about 105 . my car has headers, cai, throttle body, lower pulley 737rwhp E85 can give me about another 50hp THANKS
  12. thinking of running e85 on 2014 gt500 with bolt ons and imput on e85?????????
  13. any suggestions how to get rid of last years gas without driving it can you siphen it out???
  14. 2007 super snake venem 2014 gt500 IGOTYA
  15. even if it is just bolt ons and a tune?
  17. what brand and tire size did u use??? what kind of hp does your car have??? thanks
  18. has anyone ran a drag radial???? if so can u get it to hook up?? TKS
  19. Ok no ideas on drag slicks Than what is the best tire for strait line traction dry pavement only and dont care on tread life. THANKS
  20. i here it will be out in august just hate to spend 800.00 just to find out if they are any better I guess you have to pay to play lol THANKS
  21. Secondo do u like those tires better than the mickey thompson et ???
  22. car is only driven on nice days Never been wet yet. I am running nitto nto1 dry track tires now with 750rwh THANKS AGAIN
  23. my car only goes out on a nice days never been in rain. I now have nitto nto1s with 750rwh. They work ok but the temp needs to be in the 80,s. i know these are not drag radials but the guy who did the motor work said they seem to hook better than the nt05,s THANKS AGAIN
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