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  1. I was their on Monday and still can't believe that you will not sell performance parts over the counter !!! I guess you are into t-shirt sales instead.
  2. my bad..... sorry for falling into the little game so i do apologize.
  3. what is the "vulgar" part of my post?
  4. what a dip shit.....thats not the point at all. Not everyone lives 5 min away and since i was driving back i could haul a lot more parts that what anyone can put on a plane! Like i am the only one on here that has had a issue....... give me a break.
  5. It was on Thursday around 1:30 pm.I can spend my mod money else where no skin of my ass. There are other businesses that were thankful for my orders.
  6. i took out my phone and said i would call in a order but she laughed and said it will take 3-5 business days to process. What a load of crap. Sure glad she don't work for me, i would be out of business. So instead of dropping $1500 or so on some parts i wasted $5 on a key chain and walked out the door and headed north.
  7. I can not believe that you can not buy products for you shelby in person from the World Shelby Headquarters. I am from Canada and stopped in to check out the new building as i was driving home from phoenix and had room in my trucks so it was the perfect time to pick up some parts I had wanted to buy for my Shelby and was told that nope no can do and that i needed to phone in a order. I guess it is only a shirt retail store and all the performance parts that is displayed on the wall is just for looks.
  8. the only effect is how hard it launches no negative effects
  9. I did the switch on mine around the 2000km mark. You will not regret doing it.
  10. I have a 14 white with black stripes. I am just west of Stony Plain. Sucks that we can only drive them for a limited time.
  11. JDM did mine and it is a night and day difference form stock. Super happy
  12. Final Shelby GT500 Convertible Sells for $500,000 FordConvertibleAuctionShelbyBarrett JacksonCharity That’s almost ten times as much as the MSRP. But hey, it all went to charity. The last retail Shelby GT500 convertible we reported last week was heading to auction crossed the block this week with a car collector paying a whopping $500,000 for the privilege. Donated by the Ford Motor Company, the drop-top Shelby was sold at the inaugural Barrett-Jackson “Hot August Nights” auction in Reno, Nevada, with proceeds going to the Brain Injury Association of America. The winning bidder will receive the GT500 Convertible at the end of the year after customizing it to his exact specifications. - See more at: http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2013/8/14/Final-Shelby-GT500-Convertible-Sells-for-500-000-7715733/#sthash.jzkyQHer.dpuf
  13. The best and fastest color combo out there :happy feet:
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