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  1. 71stpsde

    Gts For Sale

    Matt congrats on the wife getting herself a Shelby. When you showed me the pics at Shelbyfest I know you were in shock that the wife bought on her own. It's looks like it was a great purchase! Mike
  2. Good job! Looking forward to seeing the beast at the next meeting! Mike
  3. Garet, I would get a hold of Van at Revan Racing. He has a belt chart with all the different set ups on his website. He can help you out. Welcome the San Antonio Shelby Club. Mike
  4. It was nice meeting you Jonathan. I'm impressed that such a young man can have a GT500. It took me 45 years to get one. Can't wait to see it once it's gets here in January.
  5. No rush! Get your upgrade training done and you'll have plenty of time to play!
  6. The next little show is 14 December at 0800 at Lowes at the Rim. It's a show with every type of vehicle you could imagine. Last time I was there, they had a Lambo Aventodor. I know you said that your car doesn't come until January, but you can come out and check some of the San Antonio Shelby Clubs cars out. We usually have 5 or 6 cars there. I'll pm you my name and number.
  7. I work on Security Hill. So I'm not on main base Lackland. Where do you work? Maybe we can meet for lunch. See you soon!
  8. Being from San Antonio and retired from USAF, welcome to the club. If you need anything, just let me know. I work on Lackland and am a member of the local Shelby club. Lots of great folks in the club.
  9. A lot of companies could learn from Van. Customer Service is a lost art. I called him this week to order a tune and he didn't rush me and was patient will all my questions. I'll be doing for business with him in future. Looking forward to meeting you at The Texas Mile.
  10. Congrats Marc! I was stationed at Hill AFB for 10 years. Retired 2 years ago. Enjoy the new car and drive it when you can. I don't miss Utah winters, but I really hate Texas heat!!!! Mike
  11. When my money tree gets bigger than I'll be able to go better stuff, but for now I'll get small stuff. :happy feet:
  12. Just bought my first stuff for the car. I bought and installed a painted strut tower with stripes. Also installed Redline hood struts also painted to match.
  13. 71stpsde

    2009 GT500

    New pics of car
  14. Hope that doesn't happen! I left an hour before the Camaro crashed in March. Glad the rollcage was done correctly. I'll check out the car in October. Thanks
  15. I figured Van would be very busy. It would just be nice to check out some high horsepower GT500's at the event. I went in March and it was a blast. I'll be there in October again.
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