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  1. 2007 SGT CSM#5310 'California' Performance White, Gray Leather interior, 5 spd, Lower Grill, Shelby GT wheel centers, Gauge Pod, Sill plates installed. pics (lower page): http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/53092-white-sgt-thread/page-17? 3 tons
  2. Its purely a management decision, until the next management decision to do otherwise...
  3. The Amsol filter looks best, but the chrome disc on the end looks like it might restrict intake at the center (??).
  4. Got it, Thanks Guys, and for the quick response too !! 3 tons
  5. I'm thinking about another set of 18" wheels (possibly staggered), but since the GT in 1.5" lower than stock, wondering if a 9 or 10" width would work or am I stuck with 8.5" widths. I'm planning on retaining the stock 235 tires since they only have about 9,500mi on them. Thanks, 3 tons
  6. Thanks again for all your input!....FWIW, I tried out driving on the freeway while at a steady 2,500rpm in 4th gear and found the rpms and noise to be quite acceptable - though I still have yet to decide (< >)...
  7. 17 to 20k??...I doubt you'd ever get another at that price...JMHO. 3 tons
  8. FWIW, I caught on another thread (??) that the speed control issue was on the earlier generation, not on the S197.
  9. Thanks for the really great ensight! At this point (though still somewhat in flux...) I'm leaning more towards the 3.73's primarily because of highway driving RPM's, and not wanting to shift out of 1st prematurely...My guess is (considering cost / benefit) that there should still be a fair bump in acceleration over 3.55's, enable 4th gear to no longer be 1.00 to 1.0 (thus, 4th no longer O/D), and still have O/D when in fifth, great for extended highway speeds. JMO, but still quite open to further council !! Best Regards Always, 3 tons
  10. I'm considering upping my rear axle ratio on my 200t GT with manual trans...At present, she's turning a cool 2k RPM at 70 mph, this considering that 4th gear is listed at 1.00 to 1.0 overdrive, and 5th gear (another O/D...) is a whopping 0.675 to 1.0. When passing (having double overdrives...) 5th gear seems waaay flat, while 4th gear is marginally better. Obviously, the 3.55 was chosen by Shelby with Federal CAFE ratings (low RPM's) in mind. (Note, I've also noticed that there was no $1k gas guzzler penalty for a stock Mustang GT). Either way, I'm now considering upfitting to a 3.73 or 4.10 (ford gears) or a 3.90 aftermarket. For those of you (w/manual trannies) that have switched axle ratios from the stock 3.55's, I would like to know what your highway RPM's are when cruising at a steady 70mph for your particular ratio? Much Appreciated! 3 tons
  11. New to me 2007 SGT 'California' CSM 07SGT5310. Best Regards, 3 tons
  12. 3 tons

    New Guy

    Nice Car! (...but then I'm a bit biased too!) Best Regards, 3 tons
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