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  1. Thank you Steven. Do you happen to have a picture of one? I am sure I have one somewhere, but I thought you may have quicker access that me.
  2. I cannot remember if I posted this message here or on the Facebook page, but I am looking for the 2007-2008 “Hood pin Warning Tag” that came with our cars when new. I do remember someone telling me that they were available to be downloaded from the resources area, but I can not seem to remember. Many of these tags where probably thrown out.
  3. Cool! I am very familiar with that area. I grew up going to Dunes and Mount Baldy.
  4. Welcome and congratulations! SGT-C #18 and I live in Avon, Indiana.
  5. Hey CMC Motorworks,

    I know that you are well versed in all things SGTs. Do you happen to know of anyone who has an 07 SGT grill and surround and/or an 08 SGT grill?  



  6. Hey guys,

    Dont know if anybody can help with this but does anyone know where I can get badges made. I’m missing to Hertz badges on the side of a Shelby GT-H Hertz edition

  7. If you ever decide to, I would be interested.
  8. Are you interested in parting with them?
  9. What do you still have left? Do you have any Shelby GT or GTH parts or clothing that you are interested in selling? Parts for either car? Shelby Corner Cafe Items? Thanks! Dustin
  10. Good Afternoon, Do any of you happen to have any merchandise/collectibles from the old Shelby Corner Cafe that you would be interested in selling? I have a practically brand new menu, condiment stand, two or three hats, and one menu. Just thought I would throw this out there to the Shelby Community. - Thanks, Dustin
  11. Yes, these two have been discontinued for sometime.
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