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  1. Are the washer nozzles not the same that come on the regular 07 Mustang GT’s?
  2. That would be great! Thank you! I will take as much information as I can get. Thank you all.
  3. Thank you so much for all of the information and the detailed pictures. I ABSOLUTELY love that piece of Shelby documentation. Look at the price of those Alcoa wheels! I know that is in 2008 money, but even with inflation they are sure a lot more valuable than that now.
  4. Thank you for the information Robert. SNKBITE - Beautiful car! On your Shelby Paperwork, did they provide you with part numbers for the Suspension Parts (Eibach Coil Over Suspension and Sway Bar Kit)?
  5. Did the 40th Anniversary cars come with a specific suspension setup like the SGT's and KR's? If so, what was it? Are there any other specific OEM parts that were installed on these cars that made them unique and therefore very difficult to find replacement parts for? I am sure the heat extractor mesh covers are on that list. I am asking because I either plan to buy an SGT/SC, 40th, or GTH next year, and I would am not as familiar with 40th cars as I am the SGT's & GTH's. I really love the look of the 40th, and it would be something totally different type of car than what I already got.
  6. Is this the correct air filter? I thought it was, but I have heard mixed answers. I have seen both blue and gray filters installed in the 90mm Ford Racing Cold Air Kit l that came with our cars.*New cars included*
  7. Is this the correct air filter? I thought it was, but I have heard mixed answers. I have seen both blue and gray filters installed in the 90mm Ford Racing Cold Air Kit l that came with our cars.*New cars included*
  8. I would think so...I find it funny that I'm their ad it say " will sell fast." It has been there for at least four years. 😂
  9. I agree. This may have been his car. My wife and I are looking at getting a convertible for our 40th birthday’s next summer. I will continue to keep my eye on this one. There can not be very many of these cars that were built this way. *Wanting either a low mileage 07 GTH, low mileage SGT Convertible (Factory SC preferably), or 07 GT500 40th Anniversary Edition* I have seen several 40th verts. online but too rich for my blood.
  10. Thank you I will do that. It has been for sale for at least five years or so. I remember seeing for $79,999 quite a while ago. Just looked at the photos...it does have a Shelby America “Factory Supercharged” sticker.
  11. I am interested in any information anyone has on 2008 SGT BJ/SGT/SC #2271. It has been for sale for quite some time at Fusion Luxury Motors in California. Thanks, Dustin
  12. Besides the GT/SC car, I think those were very respectable numbers especially for the Barrett Jackson car with 38,000 miles. Mecum Kansas City 2019 has on 08 blue vert. with 31,000 miles (car looked new. It was well taken car of.) sold for 38,500 which is strong money. Hopefully, we see these cars continue to creep up.
  13. Do you still have the KR framed photo with the 08 SGT vert. & Orange GT-C (smaller photos) at the top?
  14. Shelby GT owners we have an update for you: Lower bezels will be to us next week and we will start to ship by next weekend!!! The lower grilles are about 45 days (max) out before we receive them. This stuff does take time and we appreciate everyone's patience. I copy and pasted this information from their Facebook page. This was posted on November 14th, so hopefully the lower bezels start arriving soon. I know right now they are really working on trying to get the CS8 grill done which would be great.
  15. Thank you for the advise. I am a constant ebay watcher. 😉 A few years ago, I had an opportunity to bid on the oil can, but I did not. Also at one time, the Shelby Cafe Glass Globes were for sale, but I did not bid. They were going to over $400 at the time. It is not all bad though, I do have a full set of the 30 place mats (new), first 10 (I am going display, Menu, hat, and condiment holder.
  16. Thank you Steven. Do you happen to have a picture of one? I am sure I have one somewhere, but I thought you may have quicker access that me.
  17. I cannot remember if I posted this message here or on the Facebook page, but I am looking for the 2007-2008 “Hood pin Warning Tag” that came with our cars when new. I do remember someone telling me that they were available to be downloaded from the resources area, but I can not seem to remember. Many of these tags where probably thrown out.
  18. Cool! I am very familiar with that area. I grew up going to Dunes and Mount Baldy.
  19. Welcome and congratulations! SGT-C #18 and I live in Avon, Indiana.
  20. Hey CMC Motorworks,

    I know that you are well versed in all things SGTs. Do you happen to know of anyone who has an 07 SGT grill and surround and/or an 08 SGT grill?  



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