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  1. Cool! I am very familiar with that area. I grew up going to Dunes and Mount Baldy.
  2. Welcome and congratulations! SGT-C #18 and I live in Avon, Indiana.
  3. Hey CMC Motorworks,

    I know that you are well versed in all things SGTs. Do you happen to know of anyone who has an 07 SGT grill and surround and/or an 08 SGT grill?  



  4. If you ever decide to, I would be interested.
  5. Are you interested in parting with them?
  6. What do you still have left? Do you have any Shelby GT or GTH parts or clothing that you are interested in selling? Parts for either car? Shelby Corner Cafe Items? Thanks! Dustin
  7. Good Afternoon, Do any of you happen to have any merchandise/collectibles from the old Shelby Corner Cafe that you would be interested in selling? I have a practically brand new menu, condiment stand, two or three hats, and one menu. Just thought I would throw this out there to the Shelby Community. - Thanks, Dustin
  8. Yes, these two have been discontinued for sometime.
  9. If anyone has either of these two die casts, preferably new in box, and would be interested in selling them, please let me know. Thanks!
  10. So sorry to hear about this. I am glad that everyone is okay.
  11. Sure would be neat to have this car in a collection.
  12. What details could you provide about the car?
  13. Great! Hope it all works out. I would love to buy some thes products.
  14. My first SAAC Convention and it is right in my backyard! Looking forward to meeting some of you in person.
  15. How much would you sell one of the unsigned copies for?
  16. Awesome! Steve, do you know if the specific "Shelby GT-C" window stickers can still be produced. They specifically said the Shelby GT-C at the top instead of just 2008 Shelby GT. These stickers also included what made them Shelby GT-C's. Thanks! Dustin
  17. My 08 Shelby SGT-C has the relays there as well.
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