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  1. Dyno numbers mean very little. It is just important to use the same dyno for baseline and after when you do mods to see your improvements.
  2. Just to fully clarify, the dynapacks in this area are way off. They read about 10% higher than realistic. I think the culture out here is all about having big dyno numbers so most shops oblige and tweak their dyno accordingly. A Dynapack can be relatively close to a dynojet if they calibrated them so but again, not out here.
  3. You were on a dynapack not a dynojet, there are a few out here and they read way higher. TPS motorsports in Campbell has a dynojet if you wanted to compare. I put down 640rwhp on a dynojet and others with my exact set up has put down over 700 on a dynapack.
  4. To my knowledge the side rockers are real carbon fiber. I am on the fence with ordering rockers from raceskinz, trufiber or APR but I am trying to be patient.
  5. Are the CF rocker panels still expected to be released for general public sale? I purchased the SS front splitter and it is truly a piece of art and I would love to match the sides to the front. Mike
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