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  1. Remember all you Shelby owners this Sunday is the Monthly Caffeine and Octane Show at Perimeter Mall. It is located in the southwest corner of the property. I will be there by 7:00 AM, and I hope to see a lot of you there!
  2. Hey all you Atlanta Area Shelby owners! This Suinday is the monthly Caffeine and Octane at Perimeter Mall, Southwest corner of the mall parking lot. I will be ther by 7 AM, and I hope to see many of our group there.
  3. Hey everyone, I plan on being there. If you are a member of The Georgia Regional Mustang Club, as I am, they are requesting members not enter the show as competitors, as it is for the guests. The members of the club will have a seperate parking area and they are asking for mrmbers to volunteer to help out during the day. I plan on being there by 8:00 am to volunteer. More info will be given this Sunday at the monthly meeting. See the website.
  4. Due to Easter falling on the first Sunday in April (5th); the April Caffeine and Octane will be held on Sunday March 29th. I will try to get there early to save some spots. Remember that is now being held at Perimeter Mall, the Northeast parking lot. Hope to see many of you there!
  5. I appreciate all that attended the first of many Atlanta Area Shelby Owners meeting yesterday. It was a great turnout and a great collection of cars, and owners. What I liked is that we are really varied group which I believe will give us strength and longivity. Looking forward to next months meeting and cruise.
  6. I'll Be there! I will send out a reminder to the "other" forums today.
  7. Atlanta Metro Area Caffeine and Octane has moved to Perimeter Mall, in Dunwoody, GA. The gathering will be in the northeast section of the parking lot near the Dillards Department store. You can go to Caffeine and Octane web site or Facebook page for more details. The times etc. look to be the same.
  8. Hey everyone, there are a lot of different Shelby "T" shirts at Steinmart in the graphic T shirt rack.
  9. Hey Everyone in The Atlanta Metro Area, Caffeine and Octane is this Sunday Augfust 3rd in Alpharetta. Be there early (by 6:30 am to get a parking spot
  10. Caffeine and Octane this Sunday July 6th, 2014. Remember all - this Sunday is Caffeine and Octane in Alpharetta. I plan on being there early about 6:00 to 6:15 am. Ill try to save some spots. I look forward to seeing all the Atlanta area GT500's there! I believe there are at least 30 to 40 in the area.
  11. I am going to paint my front calipers so, I need to jack the car up to place jack stands under it. My question is If I use the Ford recommended lifting points for my floor jack, then how do I place my jack stands on the same lifting points? Are there other temporary lifting points? Thanks!
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