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  1. Picked it up on April 4,2014. Mileage to date is 4400.
  2. To all who are having this problem, you should take it to the dealer and have the problem documented. Tell them everything that happens, this way Ford has a reference point to start diagnosing the problem. Maybe they will figure the cause and fix our cars
  3. Mine also has the stock throttle body on it with the original battery. I guess it's time to take it to the dealer. Thanks for the info. i'll pass it on to them. Maybe they will do the same thing.
  4. Went to fill up the car with gas. Shut car down. After it was full, started the car up and tried to take off. No acceleration. Tried it again and no acceleration. Shut car down and waited 15-20 seconds. Started it up and took off like normal. After this happened there was no check engine light and no repair wrench light. Anyone ever have this problem? Wondering if I'm the only with that situation.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I work alot and haven't been on the site for a while. The knowledge is very much appreciated.
  6. Has anyone installed one on their car and if so, with what results?
  7. I had the same problem so I took the double sided tape off completely and used 2-part epoxy glue and haven't had a problem since.
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