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  1. I smell a hot new recruiting tool!!! Thanks to all that served before, with, and after me.
  2. Here's the installed parts. Pic could be better, but so could the location and time of day. :P
  3. WARNING! CS8 grills use stainless hardware, use anti-seize or you'll be sorry! (why? becuase stainless on stainless is prone to heat seizure during install and removal!) While using this awesome grill shell http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/gf-112-02.htm has to be less work than chopping up the factory GT grill, its still work. I haven't tried it, but I can only imagine that the super long studs on the CS8 grills were designed to penetrate the remains of a factory GT grill with some amount of the original honeycomb in tact. With that said, I would also believe that clever placement of the CS8 grill hardware meant you didn't have to worry about the nuts being chaffed against anything. I'll just imagine they fell into the honeycomb cavities of the grill, or a nibble here and there allowed them to fit. The above is not the case for the GT-H/Shelby GT/California Special grill shell. It was made to simplify the install of the billet grill without modding the factory grill. I.E. no honeycomb... If you are not a stickler for details, and if good enough is good enough, yes, the CS8 grill will bolt in nicely. If you are like me, then 7/16 of an inch, metal chaffing plastic, and small point uneven contact surface, is unacceptable. So, what to do? Shelby purists, stop here and find something else to read, I'm about to butcher a factory fresh part. Yep, lets do the obvious, clearance it.... Cover the outboard facing surface (the part you will see for sure) in three or more layers of masking tape to protect it. If you mod like a poor person, (I.E. your a contractor like me and all your tools are 1000 miles away) bust out the grease pen, an eighth inch drill bit, half inch drill bit, and razor knife. Add tape near grill mounting holes of shell, on the mounting surface side, this will capture the location of the 6 nuts you cannot see to mark. The screws will leave an impression in the tape. Set grill in the shell, press grill firmly at all corners and the middle, mark locations of remaining grill nuts with grease pen. Remove grill from shell. Drill eighth inch pilot holes from the inboard side (side you wont see) , pointing away from the surfaces we want to stay pretty. Carefully enlarge with three eighths drill bit. Only the top side need be super close to the visible surface, be careful. Trim with knife to make edges pretty. Test fit grill in shell, trim as necc, repeat to suit taste. There are tons of better ways to do this. I did what I had to, because I refuse to buy tools I already have. I'll be going home and getting them in NOV. Pictogram below. Before: During: After: Overall i could not be happier. The long studs leave plenty of room for custom fog light brackets to mount to. I got my smooth, flush mounting surface, and an awesome grill with some depth to it. I'll have pictures tomorrow, it was 7pm when I finished all this trimming. total time is about 2 hours or so. p.s. no structural rigidity was lost during this modification.
  4. +1^ Always a true statement, turbo, supercharger or not.
  5. ^+1 My guess is most of them are not going on Shelby products... I.E. maybe my car lol... Not too concerned with what labels are on the wheels, as long as they are not rolling billboards. fitting brembos later is on the list. Stock GTs fade horribly.
  6. Not show quality, definitely race quality, and that's good enough for me. I wonder if all of these hoods curl in a little on the drivers front corner. Its not noticable to normal people, until that one hater fixates on it and has to point it out to everyone... The paint is like glass, initial quality is excellent. Plug for LC auto body of Parkseburg PA. Thanks again SPP. p.s. CS8 grills please.........
  7. Just slap an Astin Martin badge on it, its obvious where that garbage styling is coming from.... (see 1st image attached below) "Ohh but the mustang is much more angulary n stuff" Yeah, a boxy astin martin.... Every manufacturer does this crap. They give you awesome, take it away for a time, then give it back to you. Anyone remember 1994? lol.... I remember being jealous of my friend getting one of the verry last 5.0s, what was I thinking... Oh yea, I'm jealous its a new mustang, but its kinda ugly... The dodge charger looked nothing like the old charger, hell they gave it four doors. However, out of the gate is was a good mercedes based chassis with RWD and an good powertrain options. 250,000+ miles later, my father, mother, now sister's (passed down) 3.5L 2004 charger has taken happily her through highschool, college, and gets her to Vanderbuilt hospital for work now daily. Point is, that car wasn't what anyone would have envisioned it to be, but given a chance, it was, and still is, an awesome car. Maybe that will happen here, maybe this is the next fox body that was so much fun. Maybe they couldn't make the mustang look fit the new specs. Maybe they are just lazy, copy and pasting from left-over astin martin engineering. In any case, this is a car that will have to work hard to win the hearts of nostalgic mustang owners. Like it or not, looks like its on its way... (see second attached image)
  8. Off to the body shop! This hood is an excellent fit right out of the box. A couple turns on the stops and its almost fit. It will take a small shim on the passenger side mid fender and hinge. The drivers side needs a slight nudge forward 1/16th of an inch and it will be good to go. It was packed well, showed up on a FedEx freight truck. The passenger rear corner was chipped, but no complaints here at the sale price. Its a mark of caricature, a little flawed, just like the rest of my car. My hood came as you see it, mustang not included....
  9. Shelby dodges are as much Shelby as a Volkswagen routan is a Volkswagen. Yes it is a licensed Shelby product, yes it is super cool, but in the end, it's more dodge than Shelby. Between my 8.5:1, 14.5psi one piece intake (1991+ I think) turbo II converted Daytona with custom burned 86 glhs solder in swapped roms, (flashing? EPROM? What's that?) manual boost controller, (grainger valve) [still thanking Gus Mahon for that invention] 89 common block, and god knows what other witchcraft under the hood my 17 year old mind could gather from SDAC, FMPML, and whatever other e-mailing lists I was on, (anyone remember those?) {holy run on sentence batman!} I came to the conclusion I should be more proud of the Dodge engineers, Lee Iacocca, and backyard heroes, like Garry Donovan. (spanking full blown Shelby's with a K-car, 9 seconds at a time) I'm sure in the 80s, Shelby needed dodge, and dodge needed Shelby. It was a tough time full of lemons, and dodge was making some sweet lemonade. With all that said, when I bought my 87 GLHS out of a salvage yard for $500.00, I was proud to own something Shelby was willing to license his rep to. It looked cool (to me) It confused more people than the Florida ballot, and I made money off it by just replacing the fuel pump. ( the whole reason the 85,000 mile car with a quarter panel dent was scrapped) So be a proud SD owner, of course they are real. I would park one next to any "appearance package" blue oval Shelby any day. Explaining, and enlightening the masses is part of being a k-car owner, that and grinning ear to ear at every race.... P.S. Fallen tree killed my Daytona years ago, I cried... On the dark side now building my own 06 mustang convertible, in the k-car spirit, with some Shelby bits here and there.
  10. Ordered mine tuesday, payments cleared, hope it ships soon! Happy to hear it may come gel-coat white, wont look silly on the way to the body shop. p.s. OT crossed fingers for more CS8 grills.
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