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  1. 2007-2009 GT 500 oem Supersnake Front Splitter should be a priorty at this time ;my 2 cents
  2. That was good,just placed it thx, But my pics are too large to post here?
  3. I really hope that Santa delivers a batch of CF splitters for the 2007-2009 Supersnakes to the shelby parts store.Im sure that Carol himself would want that too.After all $ 's spent for the upgrade.Please Santa come thru for us........
  4. Since their are no CF SS splitters from Shelby,anyone out their use TRUFIBERS's TC10024-LG104KR,i would consider one of these if the quality is good.Maybe using this and getting a mold made from it??From wounded CF splitter.
  5. Thanks for the feedback;has anyone tried Borla 11825 atak for 2007-2009 GT-500 ?
  6. I have a 2008 GT-500 supersnake with the Borla 140222 exhaust;can i replace just the axle-backs ? and the two i thinking of going with are the M-5230-s FRRP or MRT interceptors will they fit the pipe to the mid?thx
  7. Coming up fast is 2014!Anyone have any idea about getting 2007-2009/10 frt CF chin splitters?Plse,thx
  8. Tim,my car CSM08SS0287 I am interested on A and B 20 inch alcoas.My # is 415 518 6952 new to team shelby forum shelbyflf is member name.Sf,ca
  9. Ford Mustang GT-500 Supersnake
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