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  1. I have yet to test this out but I was at autozone inquiring about a part and the guy told me to go see the service writer at the dealership I bought my car from because Ford will give you a discount on parts for the High Performance vehicles ie shelby gt500 Ford Gt. Has anyone heard this or experienced it? I'm going to go talk to the service writer here next week and talk to him.
  2. Naw I didn't, MSRP was 67k but only paid 64k for it.
  3. I have read stories about people that have ordered Shelby GT500's 2007 + and stated that the dealers were charging anywhere from 10 - 25k OVER invoice. Is that normal? I ended up paying 2k over invoice for mine. Just wondered if others were able to get a good deal or not.
  4. The only thing our insurance company asked was who is the main driver for my new Shelby. Nothing about my teenage daughter and me myself I have 3 damn tickets. Try nationwide if you haven't already
  5. I have been ordering mods through shelbystore.com so that those mods other than simple floor mats can be updated in the registry for my vehicle so I was wondering what everyone thinks about ordering from the Shelby store vs an aftermarket company. Should I stick with the Shelby store or would it mattered if I got something like brake calipers with the Shelby logo on it or a radiator with the Shelby logo on it. I'm working on making mine a show car and I'm new to having a collectors car so I don't know all the do's and don't's when it comes to this. Thanks
  6. Anyone in the jackson, MS or surrounding areas?
  7. So how many of the gt500/super snake owners do we have in Mississippi and surrounding states? Jackson, MS here
  8. He alone makes you proud to own one of these cars
  9. Lol great minds think alike lol yeh it's a full time job but when the job is done it looks oh so nice lol but honestly I'm in love with the car in general so big UPs to the whole GT500 family! No matter your color scheme I love your car too!
  10. Thanks Mike, you can really tell the difference between the 2011 and the 2014
  11. Thank you! I'm so excited about it, can't wait to use the track pack one weekend
  12. Twoshelbys I know all too well lol the 5.9 I had before my last shelby was all black, I'm a sucker for shiny black cars even though they don't stay clean long and you see every little imperfection lol
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