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  1. The bezels I am looking for can be seen at: http://www.shelbysto...-2k004-5-gt.htm
  2. I am interested in purchasing a set of new or used (in good condition) 2007-2009 Shelby GT Brake Duct / Driving Light Bezels. Just name your (reasonable) price! Please send me a PM to let me know.
  3. So NordicShelby, are you saying that you have a set of bezels (with the driving lights on the outside) that you do not want? If so, I would be happy to buy them from you.
  4. I have been informed by Shelby Performance Parts that these brake duct bezels may be discontinued, even though their website states "THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY ON 90 DAY BACKORDER, BUT IS NOT DISCONTINUED. Also I have read from these online posts that these bezels are currently being redesigned. At this point I am guessing that there is no intention to produce more of the current brake duct bezels, but they may be available sometime in the future after they undergo a redesign. Even if these brake duct bezels get redesigned, I really like the look of the current ones that are no longer available! Regardless of the future brake duct bezels, I would really like to get a set of the current style. I have conducted a lengthy search on the web to discover that no one has these brake duct bezels available for sale, and I have seen many requests by others still wanting to buy these. Since no one has these bezels available to sell (proving that they did sell quite well), and the demand for them appears evident, couldn't the current brake duct bezels still be produced while the redesign is being considered? It seems obvious that the current style bezels will still sell. More importantly, I believe this would make a lot of Mustang/Shelby owners happy!! Would anyone else in this forum be interested in purchasing the current Shelby GT Brake Duct / Driving Light Bezels?
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