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  1. Hope to see some fellow TSNE members there... who's doing the parade (or quick drive into town)? I'm going to be there Friday and Saturday, not sure about Sunday at this point.
  2. Hey Z-Man, are you planning on being at Carlisle this year?
  3. Haven't run into any of you guys yet, except DrKSGT. Great Lakes guys are doing a great job with the MORE parking. Haven't got around to getting my pictures together yet. My wife is taking a bunch with her Nikon and I have a few on my phone. Amazing amount of Mustangs, I am definitely in overload. I think I saw my old '69 429 Boss here. If you're in the MORE area look for the PA license, GT Blues. Hope the rain stops today, I'll be at the track shortly.
  4. Leaving tomorrow, early am, from Carlisle, PA area, heading down I-81. If anyone wants to join up....
  5. Team Shelby is listed as one of the groups displaying at Carlisle in June. How good it is going to be, is probably up to TS members, and how many people we can get to show up. I have signed up to be on the show field, hope I won't be one of two or three, but I'm sure we'll have a good time anyway.
  6. Where in PA? We are leaving from PA on Tuesday also.
  7. I understand the feeling very well! Congratulations on the purchase, and welcome!
  8. Think I finally got one. Haven't got confirmation yet...
  9. Registered for TS NE on field spot. Of course I live in Carlisle.... So I'm definitely going to be there.
  10. Nice Blue Vert..... Congrats and welcome!
  11. Is everybody in the North East hibernating? Happy New Year all! Hoping to get the SGT out of the garage for a little run today. Hate salty roads though.
  12. Rat Fink was cool... So is the caricature... Good art work ....that's a nice present,
  13. Did we get the required 20 cars yet? Post up when we do. Thanks
  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Team Shelby Northeast!
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