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  1. Only just found out about this event from a passerby, Would love to have my 2010 GT500 Convertible shown. I've put in my donation as instructed. Hopefully I'm not too late. Cheers, Max Glasner
  2. Well I'm certainly jealous, that's for sure.
  3. I think the way SAI is poising the car is that it's a limited edition variant of the Shelby GT. I know we purists want it to really stand out but I'm guessing the economics of it just wouldn't have worked. If they had taken a V6 and twin-turbo'd it or heavily modified the Ecoboost would we be more receptive to it? It certainly makes me consider doing the conversion myself if I somehow found a hunk of money laying around.
  4. My qualm isn't so much about the price but that they could have done a twin-turbo V6 or even a heavily modified Ecoboost to live up to the spirit of the Terlingua, but I think I understand where they're coming from. Would people really want to pay 50-66k modifying a V6 or Ecoboost? The market was likely limited as it is considering they're only doing 50 of them. That said I am really glad they're doing it. Ever since the Triple Yellow came out I knew this new body would make a killer looking Terlingua and it does look the part (I'd still paint the front a bit more black for traditionalist sake)
  5. Well well well, what do we have here? Looks like there was enough interest generated. Full article helow http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/Blasts/011416/TerlinguaAnnoucement_V3.html
  6. Looks like the MCA liked the design!
  7. I don't think so. I think in order to cover the full gap you'd have to cut into the light itself, leaving your car looking like someone cut-and-pasted a '13's lights on top of yours. Better to just get the extra bit of plastic AM makes rather than chop up some perfectly good tail-lights.
  8. Like everyone I'd like to see how it looks painted too. Personally I think it looks fine in the gloss black because it'll blend with the light housing, but I am curious to see how the lines change when it's painted (I wonder if AM will release a pre-painted version as they have with other parts in the past). The other thing I'd like to see is how these lights look with a non-black decklid. Obviously all the current Mustangs feature a black decklid which ties the lights together so nicely but maybe it'll look just as good without! I'm planning a trip to a pick'n'pull to see if I can find any decent taillights from a front-end collision because if I steal them off an inventory model at work I think they'll figure out the culprit pretty quick.
  9. I know what you mean. I've already been scouring eBay but it seems like all the decently priced ones are also damaged in one way or another. Even my employee discount doesn't get me much. Gotta save some pennies it looks like.
  10. http://www.americanmuscle.com/raxiom-taillight-conversion-trim-1012.html Who would have thought that the best solution would also be the simplest solution? I always wanted Raxiom to give our generation a tail light conversion like they did for the 05-09 Mustangs but deep down I could see that, while it was good looking, it wasn't AS good looking as the OEM tail lights on a new Mustang. Now Raxiom decided that instead of going through the trouble of redesigning new tail lamps they found a way to let us use the OEM ones and cover the glaring hole they leave in our bumper. It's a no-brainer now but I'm glad they're doing it. So are you going to pick one up? I want to see what they look like on a Sterling Gray model before pulling the trigger,because I'll need to decide if I want to black out the decklid (is there an OEM part for that?). Also while these look great in gloss black to match the light I wonder how it would look painted to color match your ride.
  11. I engage in hyperbole of course, but steering wheel, dash, floor mats, seat backs, gear shift knob, they add up pretty quickly. That's not counting the bunch on the exterior also!
  12. After counting the twenty-some odd cobra logos within the interior of my car I figured I could live without another one. Plus my concern with this plate is how it handles wear from your arm/elbow rubbing against it, being opened and closed, and getting gunk stuck under the edges. Neat idea, but it would have been better to be a replacement door entirely than a simple adhesive cover.
  13. I'd love to have one of mine. Closest I can find is one by Greenlight that does a 1:18th scale 2010 GT500 in Sterling Gray/Satin Silver, sadly I have a convertible but I don't think it's realistic to find one. Autoart has some gorgeous ones if you want to spend some more coin. I'd get one but they don't have my colors.
  14. Hey Madlock, thanks for the helpful advice. I guess it's just a matter of measuring how much room I have and then finding the right tire height. As far as width goes, I'm actually having trouble finding the suggested width from Michelin for Super Sports. What's the widest someone has done on a 10" wheel?
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