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  1. Oleg, thanks for your info. KR do have tpm sensors which are installed inside the tires strap on the rims. Unfortunately, I discovered 10 years later all 4 tires does not have the sensors but the strap band was all there...
  2. All, conclusion was after all 4 tires removed from the rims and there were strap band and no tpm sensors on all 4 wheels. So not sure all these 4 tires was original installed and tires was never removed and no sensors ... after 10 years the tire pressure monitor fault display just decide to show up... All new tpm sensors was installed by Discount Tire and display message all fixed. Total cost for 4 tpm sensors plus installation was $350.
  3. Blown Away, what year is your Shelby and do you know what type of tpm sensors was installed on? do you have the defective tpm sensor picture you can share, I kind of want to know how they looks like ... thanks.
  4. 66GT350PS ... thanks for the note. I actually email Shelby in Vegas and Service Manager recommended me take it to Discount Tire store and they know what to do... as of now I still do not know if all 4 tpm sensors went out at the same time? or if tpm sensors is not communicating with the monitor system which could be the system module defective.
  5. Thanks everyone for your post and help. I actually took it to my local Ford dealer here at Costa Mesa yesterday and they strip all four tires and did not find the sensors, but later I asked them why my other 3 rims are so clean except one is dirty, and later admitted they only took one tire off to check and charged me $150 ... I'm never taking my KR there for anymore services as the tech not honest and really don't know what they are doing. I will check American Muscle for pricing take it to a local tire shop and see if they know anything as well as price comparison... to twobjshelbys , yes I have put air and still showed the same error displayed ...
  6. Few days ago my KR display showed tire pressure monitor fault. I have not replace anything on it, does anyone have this same problem? Does anyone know where the TP sensors is located at? I can't seems to find it anywhere on the wheel, could it be inside the tires. Thanks.
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