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  1. Where do I find the adapter for my kenne bell to be able to run the l&m 66mm or cjtb 65mm?
  2. Alex , I've read the great reviews about you after I installed my dynatechs on my 2011 Shelby. I also have an offroad h pipe with stock 2.75 piping to the roush axlebacks. They are just way to loud for me. I was wondering what muffler you would recommend for me? I was thinking of going with borla touring or the corsa sport. Or even the frpp sport. Let me know if you have any items you can offer? My supporting mods are a 2.8lc kenne bell mammoth stage 3 kit.
  3. I did the 2.8 stage 3 mammoth kit on my 2011 and had it tuned by Adam at st motorsports ! He's a great but real busy guy! I was impressed with my numbers ... 643/570 with everything else stock... I will be doing an off-road h pipe soon and 72lb injectors ...
  4. you should buy NGK tr6 or tr7-IXs. i have some tr7-ix's for sale if interested. they are brand new and will sell for cheaper than what VMP asks.
  5. i did the vmp 2.5 puley, c&l CAI , and vmp tune and dyno'd at 512/520 with pump 91. A Few months past and I bought a frpp TVS, which I never got around to installing because I picked up a kenne bell. I'd say try the 2.5 pulley first but just know that if you are the type to get bored quick then you will want more power quick... like i did... with the 2.5 pulley, you'll be faster than a lot of cars on the street but you'll regret not having a TVS when a newer shelby or GTR pull up next to you.
  6. selling my brand new frpp 2.3 supercharger that I never installed. Ended up getting a KB 2.8LC Black frpp TVS 2.3 plus l&m elbow asking 1900 plus shipping. 3% paypal fee.
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