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  1. I recently sold my True Forged wheels off of my 2014 GT500, and since I've been speaking with CCW about a new wheel they have recently been working on. No one has a complete set on a car yet, but they look pretty good IMO. They have brushed silver centers, polished lips and ARP stainless hardware. Here are some shots of the wheels, and a quick teaser of them on my car. What are your thoughts!?
  2. Just a few new shots of the whip. Haven't posted up anything lately!
  3. I have had several stick shift vehicles including Cobras and Mustangs, and I'm absolutely in love with the way my GT500 shifts. I can wide open throttle shift this car through every gear like butter. I have only missed a gear once so far, and I'm not sure the reasoning, but I think it's cake to shift. Much easier than the T56 in my old 04.
  4. I call it a Cobra when talking about it. Probably mostly because I had a 04 Cobra before this car, and am used to telling the woman "we're driving the Cobra there" or something along those lines. If people get butthurt about it, I usually just get jealous of their life knowing that their biggest problems are worrying about what people call their car, and I long to have a life with that sort of stress instead.
  5. I use surf city quick wax on my matte black stripes when I wax the car and have no issues.
  6. Put me down for 24 and not upset about owning a 14. If they come out with a 15/16 I'll take one of those too please.
  7. Surprised to see this. I have had several T56, Tremec, and other various 5-6 speed manuals over the years and I think my 2014 GT500 is the best shifting stock transmission I've ever had. I can WOT shift this trans in every gear like butter. I've never missed a gear with the stock shifter and all.
  8. I can tell you it doesn't matter if it's 3.31 or 3.73 because you should put 4.10s in it anyways!!
  9. Yes its worth it. Completely different car. No thats not steep for a new never titled car if its loaded like you say it is. Msrp should be around 68k
  10. Maybe I'm just used to shitty interiors but I think the GT500 interior is awesome. Beautiful LED lighting, comfortable Recaro seats, easy to use navigation screen, adjustable steering, suspension, and launch controls from the steering wheel, shifter placement is good, no creeks or noises. I have no complaints.
  11. All you guys complaining about plastics in the interior, what do you prefer? Wood? Metal?
  12. I did the Revan Racing 13-6 upgrade withOUT the pully, just the CAI, 65mm TB, TR6 plugs, and custom Lund tune, and the car woke up a LOT. I can't wait to do a pulley down the road after the newness of this recent added power wears off a bit.
  13. Don't know what their VMP 1.5 consist of, but Revan Racings 13-6 kit has made 690rwhp with a 65mm dual TB, JLT Big Air CAI, and their custom Lund tune.
  14. We drove a buddies car out to Stainless works and they designed all of their systems off of his car. They had it for a little over a month. They have a very impressive shop and do incredible work. He is extremely pleased with his system. Yes long tube heads with an off road H pipe is LOUD. But not terrible at low speeds. As far as passing inspection, that depends what kind of inspections your state does. If they do a "sniffer" test, you will fail. I live in Ohio and they do not do any type of inspections here. Also you ABSOLUTELY need a tune for long tube headers and NO cats. You will throw a code and the car will not run properly without being tuned for the new exhaust and having the rear o2 sensors turned off.
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