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  1. Bill should be on the list from last year, will PM you.
  2. Received a email Ford Nationals moved to the end of July.Called the hotel we stayed in last year with Team Shelby, hotel is already booked for another event.If you have not called for a room for the new date better do so ASAP. Hotel was taken by surprise with the date change they said.Seems like a pretty big mess.May decide to sit this year out.
  3. Contact for renewal: bfawn@shelby.com
  4. This was the email invoice l received. Hi 99-9x, A new invoice has been generated for you. — Team Shelby Order #16657 View Order Pay Now $49.99 is outstanding. Order Details Item Total 1 x Renew: Team Shelby Northeast Region (Expires: 12/02/19) $49.99 Subtotal $49.99 Total $49.99 Billing Address
  5. Same here, received notice in November membership was due and renewed through TS link.Said if you have problems email bfawn@shelby.com
  6. Just received mine yesterday.Very nice this year.Good job to all involved.Question is it possible to buy items from years past like the Team Shelby pennant that was offered a few years ago in the membership kit.
  7. I pre-ordered the Billet Engine Caps and now see order period was extended.Has the order been placed and will you adhere to the 120 day delivery window? Just a quick update,I received my Billet engine caps from Carol Shelby racing.The caps are awesome and I would definitely recommend if you're thinking about a set.
  8. I just ordered a set ,deadline is 6/23/19 so l would not wait too long.
  9. Decided to order a set of billet engine caps,may not get another chance.
  10. 08SGT1234 THANKS for the info.I have met people who were not aware the decal even came with their cars and were searching for a source. Having and passing on the info is appreciated.
  11. Here is a set if still interested,10 hrs to go.eBay item number:142941505906
  12. I stand corrected,my car was made 4/07.When l take it in l will show the service mgr. the recall notice.When l searched this site someone posted the pdf file and in another post someone said the code that flashes is 22,thats the code my car is flashing,wish me luck.
  13. Airbag light came on about a week before the recall work was done.I came across a service bulletin that said there was a warranty issue with the light on cars made between 3/1/07 and 4/14/07 but mine is not in that time period.Hoping someone else had the same issue and could give some input.
  14. About a week before I had the airbag recall done the warning light appeared on my dash.The light flashes then goes steady while driving.The code it flashes appears to be 22. Asked service mgr(this dealer did not impress me but is close,never there before) said she would call me after she talks to mechanics with cost etc.She called a few days ago and said it would be a 1000.00 or so since they have to tear out both seats bla bla.Has anyone had the light come on and repaired.I have done some searches but have come up with nothing definitive.Made an appointment with another dealer about an hr. away but service mgr.knows mustangs and has a GT500 he bought new.Said they will do a diagonostic and go from there.Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
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