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  1. 08SGT1234 THANKS for the info.I have met people who were not aware the decal even came with their cars and were searching for a source. Having and passing on the info is appreciated.
  2. Here is a set if still interested,10 hrs to go.eBay item number:142941505906
  3. I stand corrected,my car was made 4/07.When l take it in l will show the service mgr. the recall notice.When l searched this site someone posted the pdf file and in another post someone said the code that flashes is 22,thats the code my car is flashing,wish me luck.
  4. Airbag light came on about a week before the recall work was done.I came across a service bulletin that said there was a warranty issue with the light on cars made between 3/1/07 and 4/14/07 but mine is not in that time period.Hoping someone else had the same issue and could give some input.
  5. About a week before I had the airbag recall done the warning light appeared on my dash.The light flashes then goes steady while driving.The code it flashes appears to be 22. Asked service mgr(this dealer did not impress me but is close,never there before) said she would call me after she talks to mechanics with cost etc.She called a few days ago and said it would be a 1000.00 or so since they have to tear out both seats bla bla.Has anyone had the light come on and repaired.I have done some searches but have come up with nothing definitive.Made an appointment with another dealer about an hr. away but service mgr.knows mustangs and has a GT500 he bought new.Said they will do a diagonostic and go from there.Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. It looks great,now you can start to enjoy it.
  7. The White SGT is a little harder to find. Located mine on ebay for 70.00 shipped.I looked for about a year before l found it FWIW.
  8. Just read the other post and saw you are 20.The fact that you rescued a SGT and if you are into it right it can be a car you can keep and enjoy for a long time.I wish l would have kept my 70SS Chevelle after it was wrecked,it was repairable but l lacked the knowledge and patience at the time. Sounds like you are keeping the car for the long haul so IMO the salvage title is not really a big deal unless you plan to sell.
  9. NICE JOB More work than l can imagine. l too like the hood.Make sure you post the finished pictures after you have it on the road.Good job.
  10. Just watched this sell on ebay.I wonder how big a project this this will be? eBay item number:292543299132
  11. Glove box is auto pen,not personally signed as stated.
  12. NOTHING on their web page that relates to this.Good idea thats not off too a very good start.
  13. Signed up and ready to go,its been a long winter.Looking forward to our first Team Shelby event.
  14. Beautiful car, welcome aboard!
  15. Shelbygolfpro Appreciate the info,going to give them a call and order the scoop.My scoop has 4 bolts that l can see holding it on.Would prefer to have one that bolts to the original pattern. Thanks again Dave
  16. FWIW I bought one a little over a year ago for my SGT. l paid 1300 more than l wanted to pay but my car has the carbon fiber dash and is harder to find. This was the only CF signed dash l found in 3 yrs of searching. I found another(silver) at the same time for 1100.Both had certificates,hope this helps.If l recall correctly another one sold on ebay at the same time for 1100 .
  17. Shelbygolfpro Do you have a contact/phone number at Shelby.Did they say you have to return the old scoop.Mine is lifting and starting to warp.Do not want to remove it until l have a new scoop in hand. Thanks Dave
  18. I have kept my car stock with the exception of a few reversible modifications. That being said l really like your car. If/when l need to replace the stripes l will go the same route.I think the black with black stripe is sharp. Nice job.
  19. Regarding the car l looked at,the auto check just states it was in an accident.Car fax goes into more detail about it being run into a ditch sustaining front and rear damage.Assuming damage was to the ground effects.It was probably fixed correctly but unless you are there you will have to wonder.Kinda like a house once the walls go up you don’t know what’s behind them.Also states air bags were not deployed.It may have been a little more damage than 1st thought.Also a concern about only one key.Last it will be hard to part with our SGT 4126.lts a good car that has absolutely no issues.I am not getting the feeling for the GT-H like we did when we looked at our SGT.
  20. The one in Coraopolis on University Blvd.Looked at it today.Has a few bumps and bruises on it.Missing the washer cap,tear in the rear seat.Only has one key and battery is dead.Could not open the trunk.Car is kind of dirty.For the asking price not feeling it at the moment.
  21. THANK YOU, for the info about keys. l can see from a picture of the engine bay its missing the cap for the washer solvent,was that a billet part? l will check grill rivets. Leaving in a few hrs.will report back.
  22. I am going to look at a 2016 GTH tomorrow and noticed they came with the GT-H billet caps.How many caps came with the 2016 GTH.Any other things to look for other than the obvious.Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  23. Hello to all. 2007 Black SGT .l am in South Western Pa about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.Interested in hearing from anyone in the area.Would also like to attend any events within driving distance.Will make Carlisle this year, not sure about Summit Point yet.Looking forward to meeting other Team Shelby members.
  24. Received my kit today,also missing one item.I like what was sent. l stand corrected,l was missing the patch and could not find it anywhere.When l went to hang up the T-shirt the patch was stuck in the sleeve.My bad.
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