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    Most Motorsports, all types of cars and trucks; especally anything Shelby. My country, family, and friends, and all who have served or are serving in the military defending the U.S.A. Still and video photography; and of course morally casual women!
  1. Not 100% sure, but I think this is Carroll's last interview, taped in October 2011, just before he got sick in November; just a mere 7 months ago. Carroll looks great and healthy.
  2. Story on Carroll's passing that aired tonight on NBC nightly news with Brian Williams. Brian owns a late model Shelby, and loves all things Shelby. Scroll down to see the story (after link). http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/
  3. Condolences, tributes, and personal thoughts about Carroll and his passing from Leno, Ford, and others... http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2012/05/saying-good-bye-to-carroll-shelby/1
  4. Hope this link works. Put together by LASAAC member Manny Samingo for Carroll's 85th Birthday party.
  5. Forgive the correction, but Mr. Iacocca is still very much alive.
  6. God speed to you Carroll. You are a legend, and your legend will continue to live on well past your earthly being. Please do us all the honor of kicking Enzo's ass all over heaven.
  7. Hey - What happened ?

  8. Nothing here yesterday or today. Running W7 with IE8.
  9. The early warning option consists of a small, battery powered key ring fob that must be in the car whenever it's driven or the transponder will generate a signal that the car is in motion without the fob. The signal will then activate a system to contact the owner via pre-established contact information. You can set up the system to contact you by an automated phone call, via email, by a text message, or all three.
  10. Congratulations to you John, I'm very happy to see that your wait is over. Excellent choice on going NA, because you now have the option of installing the Boss 302 intake manifold when they become available from FRPP, and if you do, you can have the attributes of both cars in your 350. It sure would make an excellent car for track days IMO.
  11. For clarity, the car in that picture is not a Smart car, it's an Escape, and the driver got out with minor to moderate injuries. The accident happened May 2009 in Harvey Louisiana (Jefferson Parish). That picture has been posted around the internet for over a year now, and it has been confirmed by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's dept and others that is not/was not a Smart car. The angle of that picture is deceiving, and if you saw the pictures of the backside of that accident, you would see that the Escape is more intact that it appears in the posted picture. In fact, there were two cars in the accident, and the other car "popped" out of the inital collision and ended up on a grass median next to the wreck.
  12. The car is owned by Galpin Motor Sports, and you're right, it was Steve Carpinter that built (created) it. It's their current show car.
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