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  1. I renewed my membership in feb received my kit, gave my info to Jeremy for tshirt and still have not received it. I even offered to pick it up at the bash and was told no we will mail it out your size is in stock.... Jeremy won't reply to my email asking about it.... Just another add to the list of Shelby disappointment.... Anyone else experiencing terrible customer service and horrible quality of parts? Is there anyone at Shelby to talk to that will actually fix the problem rather than ignore it so it goes away?
  2. Stock were horrible pads with massive brake fade so i switched them to the hawk's hps. My rotors are thrashed from those pads with 3 track days and a year driving. Hawk has openly admitted the hb616.607's were not the correct pads for our cars as they thought. The leave about 1/4 inch of rotor untouched on inside and outside lips. Because of the high rotor wear i now have significant lios as a result and i havent mic'd the rotors and i know they are thick but a significant amount of rotor is gone which means heat disipation is reduced. I have some brembo 2 piece rotors waiting to go on just need some good pads. I have a set from porterfield racing coming so will see what they do! I do like the idea of having a dedicated set of track rotors along with wheels/tires but that is not quite yet in the budget.
  3. Ok last year I bought hawk pads which basically destroyed my stock rotors. I have replacement rotors and hawk has pulled any pads for the gt500 recognizing they were not selling the correct fit pads. Other than oem who makes a good street/track day pad? I'm drawing blanks everywhere and need pads.
  4. When were u on good ship america? Im currently active duty approaching 23years. Bought my 14 GT500 after returning from a long 2012/2013 deployment.
  5. Magnonreyes-With the car dropped I got a very very very minor rubbing on the front tires where the inner fender lip was bent down so I just rolled it up and no more rubbing. It was just enough to where it looked like a fine razor blade was taking a paper thin strip cut of rubber. I did a track day on the stock good years and they handled nice once warmed up but the INVO's are not drag tires that would be the NT 05/r's or 555's. Invos are performance street tires and ive found work great dry, cold, wet and hold the car pretty well especially with the larger rear tire and the power the car puts down.
  6. I have the Shelby CS1's 20X9 front 20X11 rear and am running the invos 275 fronts and 315 rears and they grip at the track considerably better than the goodyears that came on the car. I dont have much to compare it to but I am very pleased with them! Last track day they held 1.2g with some suspension work which I believe for street tires is pretty swell!
  7. Are these for the 13-14 GT 500's? Or only older models?
  8. Ive attended the last two bashes. Love the track day experience and also loved the cruising to private collection along with poker run. Last year i passed up those to spend 2 days at the track and would probably do the same if offered this year. I do appreciate and enjoy the history of shelby however i think more focus should go into current/future. Excite us about whats new and up coming, expose us to unique opportunities learning about things not public knowledge or well advertized regarding shelby. Spend some time with employees and what went into the r&d of the new supersnake for example. Share some footage of the Eurobash. Also think there should be opportunity to win bigger prizes like a car or upgrade to a csm with profits going to the foundation. Example if u limit tickets to 200 participants offer up rwffle tickets at 500 a piece and tier the prize... Sales between 1-25 offer up half value in peformance parts so if 10 sold then 2500 in free parts to winner. 25-75 offer up half value in parts plus free attendance to next years bash, custom jacket and maybe free track day opportunity to drive xx shelby. 75-150 tickets now we start getting into the cost to convert a car so prize could be free convert to winner, and 150-200 we get into cost of a car its self so offer up to winner a new shelby gt/supersnake/gt350 of winners choice. I think that would excite a lot of attendees for sure.
  9. I know i already commented on someones post but l understand the cohesiveness of fellow shelby owners, and the desire for some to not want to drive their cars to the potential or own them simply as a status symbol, but lets be frank, shelby was born and bred to race For those that feel the bash favors those close by as we only have to drive up the road well has shelby ever been located anywhere other than cali/Nevada? Even so there are region groups what stops you from getting together and joining? Understand for some that time of year is crappy for driving but much later in the year and its death valley in vegas. Also incase you havent noticed shelby's are becoming more and more affordable for the average guy which was its initial intent. I see earlier models now in the 20k range all day which means more and more younger drivers will be in them and many of which will want to drive them at the tracks along with the likes of the new irs shelby gt new supersnake and ford Gt350 all road course weapons. Also have to consider that for longevity of the company they have to appeal to the younger generation who did not grow up with the same exposure of the shelby generation or family but have to take place of the old guys who in the future will no longer be around to support. So i dont see this bash or future bashes without track events. But i am confident that the track and other cruising events happening simultaneously. 2014 there was several cruising events/poker run and track day was only part of mustang 50th and 2015 there was also several events going on that those who chose the track day missed out on. I forsee a similar set up for the coming event with maybe some more focus on currebt ford performance and racing instead of some of the history of. Either way i am sure all who attend will have an awesome time!!!
  10. Last year there was two days of track however there were several other events for cruising car show etc that took place during these events offering that flavor. Whos to say the same isnt planned? I have only been to two events one had track day the other didnt but i had to make a choice between shredding tires or cruising with a group. Also the event starting out with some events and overnight outside of vegas with a cruise in provided that cruising opportinity. Just have to put things in perspective!
  11. I use the craigs one, it takes a few seconds to remove/install for track days and my tow hook from blowfish racing stays right behind it, also supports my front camera!
  12. I have 11" rear rims with invo 315's my car is also lowered significantly and I have no clearence issues.
  13. Everyone gets this messed up. The wheels are part of the SVT performance package, NOT part of the track package, however you cannot have the Track Pack without the SVTPP, and no verts have the Track pack, only SVT PP.
  14. Sweing your hood line and one on a white gt500 is what inspired me. Here it is headed to clear coat.
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