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  1. well put. I applaud you! haha And I will be checking the tach when I get back to the car after Pebble Beach. Ill let you guys know what was going on if/when I fix the issue. Ill also do a photo update of my project, its almost done!
  2. UPDATE- I did an online calculator and with my tire height of 26.63 inches, I should be turning 2813RPM @ 80MPH, I think my tach may be on the Straight 6 setting as it is an aftermarket tach. *FACEPALM* The sound of the engine may just be off because my exhaust is rusted out behind the seats (new exhaust is on the way to save my hearing). Thanks again Bill for giving me a different perspective and eliminating the carb theory I had. Im still new at this :/
  3. Ah okay, ill have to double check both my Speedo and Tach then. Im running 225/60x15 radials in the rear (Magnum 500's), maybe my setup just isn't a good long-drive highway one? Thanks for your help Bill!
  4. Hey all, I have a question for you! It seems that on the highway, in my coupe, I am running too high RPM at around 70-80 mph. My speedo says 3500-4000rpm. My setup is a 1971 Ford 302 paired to a Holley 600CFM carb, with a C4 transmission from that year. My rear end is a 1967 Mustang 2.79 ratio. Do I have something in the engine tuned wrong? Timing? Im running 91 octane. Fluid levels in the rear and transmission seem to be fine, but would low transmission fluid level be causing this? Or possibly carburetor tuning? I am in the dark here. Any help is, and will always be, greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Seth
  5. Thanks for the quick replies! I checked all grounds and decided to clean everything and check for wire breaks first. After that didn't solve my problem, I took out the alternator and took the back off. One of my brass connections was off and actually being ground down... Went and picked up a new alternator for like $40 and that fixed the problem! Im happily idling at 13.4V! Even with every light on (including both turn signals) and the radio blaring, it idled at 12.8-12.9V!!! Problem solved!
  6. Hey guys (and any gals), I have a 1971 Ford 302 in my 1968 Mustang (for background information), I have replaced ALL ignition components with MSD products. I have also put in a nice Retro-Sound stereo and LED tail lights along with upgraded headlights... my question IS: At idle, my battery voltage is 12.6v and with all lights on its 12.3v... is that too low? When I rev the engine above say 1,700RPM it comes up to 13v but at idle and in gear, its the 12.3v. I've had the battery tested, it holds charge. Should I replace the alternator with a higher output to compensate my MSD setup??? New Voltage regulator? Both? ANY input is requested and GREATLY appreciated!!!! -Thanks!
  7. Would you all be interested in a car show my college is hosting in early May? I can send out the details and the upload a printable form via PM if you are... it's a pretty neat event (no hondas or ricers) that the Mercedes Classic people come to, Wayne Carini has been out, theres an original Hertz GT-350 that shows up... Just thought I'd throw it out there. When: May 2nd & 3rd Where: 1600 E. Euclid, McPherson KS 67460 Hosted by: C.A.R.S. Club (Classic Automotive Restoration Students) Again, PM me if you'd like a form, spots are limited and it should be a good turnout!!! I will send more details in PM along with form.
  8. Thank you for the quick replies! As far as teflon tape goes, the PS fluid ate it as soon as I screwed in the bolt so that is out... I will be trying a gasket/thread sealer tomorrow... I may also drop the money to either buy a new pump unit OR go back to manny-arm strong steering. OR maybe a crush washer in between the pump and bracket may be in order. ANYWAYS, I'll try and nail this down before the last resort of picking up a new pump! Thanks for the input guys,
  9. Hey all. Im having an issue with my Borgeson Power Steering Kit.... It started dripping so I checked all the hoses, the hoses are fine... the problem is the two bolts that hold the pump to the mounting bracket (shown in picture below). I sealed everything else up and blew air into the system causing fluid to gurgle up through the bolt holes. Any ideas, or links to fixes would be great. I am almost done with my project and this has ground me to a halt!
  10. A manual! Good job dad!!! And the fact that this car will be a classic in 7 years is pretty cool!! Clean find, good job!!!
  11. Check this out! I don't see a dash plaque, but it popped up under Shelby on the Bay of E... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-GT-Coupe-2-Door-2006-ford-mustang-gt-coupe-20-wheels-w-shelby-look-/281231390835?forcerrptr=true&hash=item417ab27873&item=281231390835&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  12. Got my kit this afternoon!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Can't wait to see the 2014 T-Shirts!!! hope everything went well (behind the scenes) during the move in!
  13. Check this out! Quite an interesting little car if you ask me (I wouldn't build a car out like this, but hey, to each his own!) check it out! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-2-Door-Coup-1968-mustang-frame-up-restoration-custom-mod-200-miles-no-reserve-/141136817657?forcerrptr=true&hash=item20dc68edf9&item=141136817657&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  14. Thank you for keeping us updated Jer! Moving can be a pain in the butt and can slow stuff down, and usually I'd be quite annoyed at a delay, but you are doing a great job juggling us here on the website and others in the workplace. Hope everything is going well at Shelby American throughout the move!!!!
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