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  1. Gardena, CA is where Shelby Licensing and the Carroll Shelby Foundation are located and may be the source. You need to determine when it was done and if it is an actual signature or a decal. Check at www.shelby.com/shelbyfoundation.
  2. Celebrate by giving your Shelby toy a good rev and drive today.😎
  3. Remember that auction houses rely on what the seller says about a vehicle and rarely ever verify authenticity. They have too many vehicles to sell in a short period. The information posted about this Shelby is what the seller told them not what was actually built at Shelby American. This is a very common issue so a potential buyer needs to do the research and have the car reviewed by knowledgeable people. The cars always photograph well for the catalogs but that does not reveal the true status of its history or condition.😎
  4. Just to clarify about the listing as written: The car in question did not have a 427 when built. It was red and had a 428 with 4 speed from the factory. Platt was the original owner and it went through a number of owners over the years. It was first noted to have the all aluminum 427 in 2003, but actual installation date is not known. It previously sold at B-J in Scottsdale in January 2003.
  5. If the OP is referring to the B-J Scottsdale 1967 GT500 with 427 "competition package with automatic" (never existed originally), it is a nice Shelby but with modifications. SAAC World Registry has the details. But with the modifications, it should be a real powerhouse of fun to have.
  6. Now get it out of the barn and tell what you think about how it drives.😎
  7. iron bock, then aluminum block, now plastic. hipo keeps evolving.
  8. Has anyone built this hipo engine model yet? https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2019/12/20/building-a-model-k-code-mustang-v-8-on-the-dining-room-table/?refer=musweekly&utm_source=musweekly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019-12-26
  9. I would prefer that they get away from the problematic vinyl stripes and find a low cost way to produce painted stripe editions options or all Mustangs and Shelbys.
  10. Send it back to the dealer for diagnostic and warranty repair. Hope it is a quick and simple fix. Good luck.😎
  11. Very true. From my perspective, that looks very much like a reproduction hood. But the experts at SAAC can give you more details.😎
  12. Got #196 in just a few days after ordering it.
  13. How many oders are done for marketing by Tesla employees?
  14. You may want to check that they have your current in mail in the system since the revision of the shelby.com site as Steve had recommended. I would have thought you would have been one of the first buyers had you gotten the message. Now it will entail a look at the silly resale oferings on ePay, unfortunately. You could check if they held any asside for the SA gift shop at a nominal fee (or maybe phenominal). 😎
  15. This is what came out of the Shelby Store on the release date o the Ford vs Ferrari movie: https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/sc-411-gulf-s.htm Only 215 were produced, I assume to reflect the est. top speed of 215 mph. I was able to snag on of the last available signature models. The model is available from theStore without the signatures of Peter Miles, son of Ken Miles Charlie Agapiou, Ken Miles' Le Mans Crew Chief Aaron Shelby, grandson of Carroll Shelby
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