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  1. Since the cars were converted from a GT500 to a GT500KR at Shelby American, SA should be able to verify the car as a KR and get some kind of documentation to show to the insurance company. Grundy, Heacock and BJ should be a be willing to make the adjustment in value based on verification.
  2. I remember the Shelby Donzi boats. Nasty looking speed boats. But they came out of Florida which made them too far away to bring here and not well suited for high waves in the Pacific. And they sucked on the open road.😎
  3. Last October, I tried to rent one for my planned trip in February 2020 in Las Vegas and they were no longer available. 😎
  4. That's 2500 miles via air or water for me. All the Shelby horsepower is not going to make it the first 100 feet. 😎
  5. I understand the frustration. Closest dealership to me is over 2500 miles.
  6. I believe that I met you and saw your mom's car in the garage at the SAAC Convention in Sonoma a couple o years ago. 😎
  7. SGT0128, nice to know. I have only taken my 2011 GT350 to about 140+ (stopped looking at speedo near that point and looking at the highway). No hood vibration or flutter either but our hoods are different than the Ford GT350.😎
  8. Oops. You are correct. Looks like a white/red interior C8 will be this years pace car. https://www.corvetteblogger.com/2019/09/18/pics-the-c8-corvette-makes-first-visit-to-the-indianapolis-motor-speedway/ I had hoped that they would not do a Corvette two years in a row and gone with a 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 in either white or red. Afterall, Penske Racing runs Ford (Mustang) in NASCAR.
  9. According to Car & Driver, the 2020 Indy 500 pace car(s) will be some of the final series of C7 units from the factory painted in a dark red metallic. The new C8 is set to release on July 18. I am surprised that the race would not be featuring the C8 as a pace car. Maybe they will make the new track owner, Roger Penske, his own special edition.
  10. I would SA factory verification before getting near this one.
  11. There had been discussion o the closing o their Georgia warehouse a year or two ago on the Vintage Mustang Forum. There were complaints coming in about lack o inventory and delays getting parts. Interesting comments by employees: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Mustangs-Unlimited/reviews
  12. You could try to contact them and see i they are still in business. http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/ Let us know.
  13. In short, SAAC focuses on the classic vehicles produced at the original Shelby American shop and organization up to 1970 when CS shut it down. Team Shelby focuses on all vehicles under the Shelby name, mostly the ones produced by the Las Vegas Shelby American shop, but also Dodge Shelbys. Both organizations accept those in either group of eras and ownership is not required. If I recall, SOA was the predecessor to SAAC and was incorporated into them. Many are members of both organizations. Also, there are occasional national events where both organizations are invited. 😎
  14. In LV right now and visited Shelby American. They are showing the Signature and their super trucks at the National Auto Dealers Association convention right now. All the Shelby toys should produce a lot of buzz as usual that hopefully will get some interest for orders. The shop is mostly shop Shelby trucks and Super Snake upgrades. Very busy.😎
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