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  1. Best source is SAAC.com. Check with the SAAC forum or contact the CSX 3000 registrar. the latest registry for the leaf spring Cobra is in production now as well.
  2. Another good source is the vintage-mustang.com site.😎
  3. At least it could keep spectators a few feet away from the show cars and prevent scratches. It amazes me how the kids run wild between cars and even under stanchions with ropes while the parents are inattentive because of viewing the cars. I hope some cruise day/night show venues start up by mid-summer. I figure there is a lot of work being done with available time or the last couple of months and I might see some newly completed projects out there.😎
  4. Any idea why it does not pass the test? Apparently car in CA that do not pass the smog tesr cannot be sold there.😎
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Another problem with those wanting to do the jib themselves is that it would not be in the Ford recall data base to show that it had been done. No way to verify it.
  6. If the mechanic designated at the dealership has been doing scores of these repairs on various model Mustang, he knows what he is doing. I had no damage to either car at my dealership. I was concerned about the Shelby signature dash on the 2011 but not a scratch or misplaced clip anywhere. I have had more reports of DIY mistakes, probably since it is the first and only time the person is doing the change. For legal reasons, I always do TSB work by the dealer in case some bad happens from the repair, I have a recourse. Suing g myself is not possible.😎
  7. I had my wife's 2011 Mustang and my 2011 GT350 done long ago, last year or longer. I cannot imagine that your dealer has not had the parts and time to do it yet. And I am way out in Hawaii.
  8. So what method do you use to maneuver the toys in the garage?😎
  9. The original package mix that Shelby started out of McKenny, TX, in August, 1969 came with a glossy red label with the black hat on a slightly smaller brown bag. The brand was sold to Kraft foods in July, 1986. I am not sure when the current producer, Reilly Food Products of Louisiana picked it up. For a few years back in the late 1970s-early 1980s, there was also a short run Shelbys Taco mix (orange label with black hat). I am not good at posting photos, but I do have some of the early Shelby Chili editions.😎
  10. I have seen it in Safeway and Albertson stores out West. I have also seen it in Target stores. I have the original ones in the bag that Shelby produced before he sold the production rights. It subsequently came in bags with different style covers and then in the current box style.😎
  11. This will be the end of the exclusive flat plane crank 5.2 Voodoo engine built for the GT350/GT350R. The 5.2L Predator is a cross plane crank design like the 5.)L Coyote. I am sure there are a number of GT350/350R exclusive parts, whether the drive train, engine, exhaust, exterior pieces, etc.
  12. Definitely an amazing engine. The GT350 has been an amazing engineering project by Ford from engine to suspension and brakes. Now, other than the flat plane crank and internal mods, Ford has moved those engineering developments to other Mustang designs. If I had a GT350 or GT350R, I would be stocking up on spare parts that will not be available in a number of years.
  13. Be protective. Wrap yourself in your drivers helmet with face shield down when you go to the market.😎
  14. True. https://www.motortrend.com/news/ford-mustang-shelby-gt350-gt350r-dead-for-2021/ https://fordauthority.com/2020/04/ford-to-sunset-mustang-shelby-gt350-after-2020/ Once production gets up to demand for the new GT500, dealers may have to start moving the remaining GT350 and GT350R of the showroom floors by offering no ADM pricing. The new GT500., Bullit and expected Mach I are using parts and technology of the GT350, except the special 5.2 L with the high rev flat plane crank. Plus, the new GT500 is now a good road course handling power monster, not just a straight line rocket.😎
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