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  1. Ah, Turd Day. Hope it's not too crappy.😎
  2. There a couple 16/17 GT350 cars in my neighborhood that are daily drivers. Their value is comparable to a nice Porsche, BMW, Corvette and other higher priced rides, which are also on the road as daily drivers. if you want to just look at the car in the garae, get a posteer for the wall to look at. Otherwise, get out and enjoy the special toy as much as possible.
  3. Any reports, photos, videos? Understand it was a great event and am sorry that I had to miss it.
  4. You do not need to buy one. Many comments about pricing and ADM of the 2007-14 GT500 (primarily early orders of the 2007), Boss 302 LS, 2016 GT350 and 350R had similar comments, but Ford sold even with silly pricing because some people gotta have them at any price. So this new Ford performance pony will sell as well. Also happened with the new releases of high HP and special edition Corvettes, Vipers and Viper GTS, Dodge Hellcats, etc. Sorta like those who wait in line for first showings of a just released movie even though it will be the same movie showing a few months later without a long line. The first buyers to show off their new 2020 GT500 will loads of attention for a few months and not mention the cost. I prefer to see what the independent testing and reviews dictate. And also, should I want the car, I wait until the ADM no longer exists. I have never paid over MSRP, even frequently below, for a car, including Shelby and Ford performance rides. But that is just me.😎
  5. Now that needs to be available as a t-shirt from the Shelby Store.😎
  6. It will all depend on demand and if there is enough to keep production going. Keep in mind that Ford is investing heavily into electric and autonomous cars and truck research and development, so there wil be a consolidation of the the performance models eventually.
  7. You might ask over at the Shelby American Auto Club site that focuses more on the first generation Shelby Mustangs. I have worked with MSD and the module for my 66 GT350 and followed the instructions and a Youtube video of how to do it. Runs fine. The MSD box is not in the engine compartment as it will frequently fail due to heat. I put it out of sight under the glove box. It has been a few years so I do not recall all the particulars other than having to splice in some extra wire to reach the box. I will have to look under the hood as to the wire set up.
  8. On the cover and inside fold out calendar of July-Aug 2019 Summit Racing Equipment catalog issue is a beautiful red 2014 SS GT500. Not sure if the owner is a TS member here. Congrats to him.😎
  9. I think part of the problem is the confusion on whether he or someone in his area who is not an authorized Shelby American shop can do the upgrades and have the converted Mustang GT designated as a licensed Shelby GT with a Shelby number.
  10. Extremely well said.😎
  11. Well, if desperate, you can always use a can openner and get some top air! But as Steve mentioned, convertiblesby design require extra chassis and body stiffening. A high horsepower convertible without a four point roll bar would be an accident waiting to happen. 😎
  12. Question for Steve: did anyone ever try to convwert a 2013-14 GT500 convertible to a Shelby 1000 convertible. Would the SA factory do it!
  13. Fastest way to get a tan on a sunny road trip! 😎
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