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  1. Noce photos. Cool '67 mod cat. Thanks for sharing. Oh, yah, don't mess with the wife's car. It looks fantastic.😎
  2. My first Motorcraft battery on the 2011 failed within a year and was replaced with another Motorcraft which lasted until last year. I replaced with a NAPA unit (not sure who the manufacturer is) with the highest cranking power size and no problems. It seems to last many weeks longer than the Motorcraft without failure from lack of trickle charger or running the car.
  3. The model is not signed by Chuck, the certificate is. Also, there is no mention of the sale benefiting the CS Foundation. Maybe the first one sold was for them. Steve, do you have information on this? Thanks.
  4. Lane Collectables produced a red 1966 GT350 with a blue Paxton unit and black engine block and a 1965 GT350, white with blue stripes. It could easilyuse previoulsy molded parts intermixed for a new model.
  5. I have the Lane green GT350S, signed by the last owner before it went to the museum in Boulder, CO. It has the 6 side brake air scoops. The engine bay is probably used but htey should have the engine block and Paxton black. Also, at that time, the blower carb box had changed from the prototype unit box. With some easy research, the 65 prototype limited edition could have been produced correctly. Not getting it for my collection.
  6. Thanks for posting the engine bay photo of the real 1965 Shelby GT350 supercharge prototype. I have seen it at various shows. The limited edition scale model looks like a hybrid combination of previously released editions of a1965 Shelby GT350 and the 1966 Shelby GT350 with Paxton supercharger. I guess with an anticipated limted run of 96 units, the manufacturer decided not to do an accurate rendition. Chuck may not have known how they were going to incorrectly do this edition. There is another good engine compartment photo in his "Shelby Mustang GT350" book and lots of info in the Selby American World Registry regarding the prototype.
  7. Beautiful model but unfortunate that it is incorrect color Paxton unit (should be black), incorrect carb inclosure box (should be original square box with aluminum lid), canister to blower hose is wrong, 289 K code engine for 1965 should be black. 😎
  8. Extremely doubt a ground up effort of a new Shelby vehicle.. Look at the challenges and law suits after the amazing and unique Series I, the only car that SA has designed and built from scratch. With all the multi-millions needed for regulatory test and approval, it is too expensive a gamble. No major manufacturer would be expected jump in as Ford did for SA back in the 60s as they are having challenging times as well. The only probable effort would be a foreign investment of an e-Cobra or e-Shelby vehicle and that would not sit well with the current fans of the Shelby legacy.😎
  9. f this is what SA can do with the 5.0L Coyote, I wonder what they can do with the 5.2L. Next year should tell. Interesting that it uses the 10 speed auto, not the 7 speed.
  10. That is really good. Are they located near airports or do you have to take a taxi to them? Hertz prices have gotten way out of hand for Premium rentals, especially back with the 2016 GT-H also with the demand for multiple photo I.D. and cradit cards. And I have a Hertz five star gold card rating. I asked them to check every employee at the gold counter and ask how many have two photo ID or carry a passport while traveling within the U.S.? Plus what good is my pre-checked and paid reservation with full Hertz insurance coverage (insane rates) when I have to wait onsite for another approval and demand for extra cards and ID? They valued the cars at $200k. I could get a Porsche for far less hassle but wanted the GT-H. Finally got it after extra 40 minute wait due to scheduled car having dead battery and replacement needed cleaning! I sure wish SIXT had more locations for the Shelby GT-S rental.
  11. JUst waiting fot the release by Ford of the new 2020 GT500 and the subsequent, hopefully, development of the the Shelby factory GT500 Super Snake edition.
  12. Wish they had more cars and rental locations. I have yet to check the rental fees but I am sure they will be rediculous for an amazing rental.
  13. Like Steve said, Carroll Shelby Licensing has a number of licensed trademarks, including GT350, GT350R, GT500, GT500KR, Series 1. You can find more details on the CSL web site. Ford and CSL share the use of Cobra, but use different trademarks.
  14. What a great shot! I was there at California Speedway too with my 2011 GT350 shipped over from Hawaii. It sure was a fun road course and track to play on. Afterwards, wife and I cruised up Pacific Coast Hwy and 101 from San Diego to San Francisco with stops in Santa Barbara, San Simeon, Monterey, San Francisco and up to Lake Tahoe before sending the Shelby bcak home.
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