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    Anything with friends and family! Movies, dinner parties, swimming, dancing and of course learning everything I can about my new Shelby!
  1. I contacted both Shelby and Maximum Motorsports, Maximum was the only one to get back to me, which was a little frustrating (since the camber caster plates were installed at Shelby American in Vegas), but fortunately Maximum as outstanding customer service and are shipping new ones out and the old ones will go back because it seems like there may have been an issue with this pair. No one has really ever heard of this happening, which is why I turned to you all to see if there was more to it. In this case it looks like something has failed on them that is very rare...Thank you all for your help and the suggestions to contact maximum, they were really great to deal with.
  2. Has anyone every heard of or experienced an issue with both Camber/Caster plates (Shelby aftermarket) failing? I took my 2012 Shelby GT500 in for an oil change at our local ford dealership and they pulled me back and said that as soon as they got the car on the lift both front tires dropped in a way that alarmed them, and it turns out that the weld on both plates between the plate and the housing have broken. They can move the tires up and down and back and forth significantly in all directions. I have not hit anything, so I don't know how this could have happened. I was just wondering if this is a known problem or if I just managed to do something brand new on my car. Thank you for any insight you can provide.
  3. Sooooooo shiny! I just bought a clay bar and was going to my car, right up until her wheel sensor sent her to the dealership for repairs this weekend....Though that 6 hours is sure a grimace inducing number! spaghetti noodle arms for sure!
  4. I have just become one with the fact that at some point I will need to have her repainted, but I am going to put a sharpie in my detail kit because that is a brilliant quick fix until I am willing to eat the cost of repainting her. SO BRILLIANT! I am waiting until something like a bad door ding happens or (gulp) anything else bigger (she is my daily driver and man do Tucson drivers ever suck, not all of course, but sheesh, it seems like an unfair number of them...or maybe it is because I never cared this much about the car I was in??? It is a roll of the dice every time we go out!), but so far I have been lucky! Funny story about Sharpies from Pinterest (then I will let the thread get back on topic, sorry! I hardly get to talk to people so I sometimes hijack threads, my apologies!)
  5. Thank God for the California duster....so. much. dust.
  6. I am feeling a little embarrassed that it is this thread that taught me the term "stripe delete"...my car just came that way and I loved it, never thought much about it...derp!
  7. Hi Matt! I do live in AZ, but I live down in Tucson, have only had the car up to Phoenix a few times, though because it is a happy thought I will assume it was me at the intersection and it was a missed chance to meet you and hopefully we will catch up at another AZ intersection! I wish I had gone up to the Shelby Bash, I have got to meet a lot of people here in Tucson at local shows and meets and you are right, there are a lot of wonderful people who drive these amazing cars!
  8. The person who has been helping me try to find the strut bar had to change his out for the strut brace to work, it would not clear the original resonator...I am not sure if I would have had the same problem since I sorta did this all a little backwards (still looking for an affordable strut tower brace, not the $499 Ford racing is charging for the one I originally wanted), maybe the 2013 Shelby (his car) has a higher profile in that area than my 2012 which was why he had to change it out and he just thought the same would apply to mine???...it was still a good choice though, hearing that supercharger scream through the resonator delete is SO MUCH FUN!!!
  9. That was a very kind thing to say. Thank you.
  10. I worked in research for a Valley Fever vaccine for over 8 years (Molecular and Cellular Biologist) before I decided to go with my dream and start my own line of skin care products, which I have been selling for over 12 years now on my own site and on Amazon. My whole family works for me and it has been really amazing! As a single mom it has allowed me to put my daughter through college, buy my own house and of course get my dream car, my bad a$$ Shelby. Still missing a partner in crime, that would make life perfect, but for reasons I did not consider, choosing a car that looks like it will eat people for dinner (no regrets, I love my car!) as well as being fairly successful (and hopefully not that I am a rotten person...) seems to have made me a little erm...intimidating. So for now I will be happy with a great business, car and family and cross my fingers for the rest!
  11. I added in the resonator delete and thought it made a huge difference in the sound of the whine. The first time I got on it after the install I had a small panic moment before I realized that the scream I was hearing was because of the resonator delete, it was markedly different. Looks nice too and was an easy instal! Unfortunately the main reason for the install was so that I could add a strut tower brace and clear the resonator, but finding the strut brace is turning into a flipping nightmare...I am not ready to spend $499 on one...grrrrr! But still glad I did the resonator delete...Do it!
  12. Those are so nice! i do agree about the cleaner look the valve stem being on the inside gives the wheel, but wow is that going to bite when you have to fill it with air! Thank you for the photo and the explanation, it helped a lot!
  13. LOL! No problem thejmasterslim! This is all new stuff for me to learn about, I had to go figure out what a 3 piece wheel was at all!
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