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  1. Well big red Pwinston I have one word for yah 'SWEET" and your wife got you one hell of a deal. Mind was on my very short bucket list even though I raced a late version ThunderBolt Fairlane when I was 20 years old. So after giving up car racing I took up dirt bike racing and water skiing, that lasted about 12 years. So after that I got the chance to race a Sanger pickle fork with a Blown 550+cu Hemi running 40% Nitro, the stuff that clears the parking lot and that lasted a very short time after losing a very good friend and coworker to boat racing. So at 65 years old I said self what in the hell are you waiting for. Went down to my local Ford Dealer and the last time I was in there they had a GT 40, but this time they had a 2014 Shelby GT500 Mustang with every option. Drove it around the block called Shelby from Ford made arrangements to have them build me a Super Snake wide body with all the mods and suspension work. I only have two words 'HOLLY SHIT". Well here's looking at yah!

  2. Just looking at some pictures and seen yours I must say that's a Great Price if you bought it new or even used. I bought a 2014 GT 500 from my Ford Dealer for around $85,000 +-$3,000 I think it was on the minus side and then put it on a transport the same day to Shelby. If you can believe this they had it for 11 months to do a Wide Body conversion and then add the SuperSnake package to it. All said I must have around $150,000 in it but what I wanted to tell you is the 2013 & 2014 are considered to be the best mustangs ever built, so hold on to it as long as you can it will be worth many more dollars then we ever paid.

    Good Luck to you Rod

  3. Rochey I don't see many members telling how much they have invested in the Super Snake, so I don't feel bad now after spending around $150K +- 5 or 10 grand. When I ordered it from Tim P. I kept saying yes to all the options and he commented sounds like your doing it right getting all these options now. I said it took awhile for me to be and buy one of these bad ass car and I'm going to do this right from the start because I don't want to go back at a latter date and have them put something on that I should have done from the start. Rod

  4. That is a super looking car that I can't wait to get back from Shelby. I writing you because I bought mind on Nov.11,2013 took down the street brought it back and have them put it on a enclosed carrier and send it to Las Vegas. From their they are making a wide body and changing it to a Super Snake, @#!*% I can't wait I'm going nuts. Yes I have every Option but the glass roof O yea and the little scoops on the side, that don't do anything.


    Should be in next month - god it's been 6 months and waiting, everyone I know says it's worth the wait.


    Rotten Rod

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