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  1. Thanks for the shout and I sure wish I was the last guy who waited that long, but I wasn't they had about 25 Mustangs parked inside waiting to be worked on. You know I knew an Ed Palmer I wonder what would be the chance it was the same guy, No that would be imposible for sure. Hey also they don't have any kits as far as I know they do it the old way 1 at a time, but they may have a few in that department just starting the process. Rod

  2. Well thanks for the praise it sure took Shelby a long time to do the wide body conversion, like 11 months so yea I do think its Bad. Maybe we will see each other at one of the Mustang car shows coming up. I'm over in the east bay in San Leandro just about half way in the State, so going places is not to bad, we our planning on going to some of the BlackHawk Museum Shows in Danville this year and we have been going to most of the GoodGuys Shows in Pleasanton.

  3. Larry, No No No on putting the stock shifter back I think we all know if it's a stock shifter it usually needs improvement and know one wants to put the cowling back or maybe just the linkage cover. I have a pit in my garage that my dad and friends helped us put in back in the 60's I don't like lying on my back in the middle of the night freezing. You said a couple of things that made me laugh, first was the difficulty shifting from 2nd to 3rd same dam problem with the 4 speeds back in the day and picking something you already knew was good is a know brainier. As you may know that's what Shelby puts in their Super Snakes so I think it should be good.and the very best for last was teaching your wife to drive your car. "Our you out of your mind" just kidding I think, you also said having trouble with 6th I would like to know where do you use it at Bonneville flats? My experience with it is at 70 mph shifting into 6th the engine drops the rpm's to about 1200 with 3.73 in the back. Also you may like this shift knob that tells your wife what gear your in, I think it's kinda nice if your also going to let some of your best friends drive it after all the begging they do. I also checked mind and it always centers itself shifting between gears maybe that's why Shelby changes them? Don't worry about getting to it hell I just remember today about the question I put to you. I'm not making it to Snakes on the Lake but I plan on it next year, I will be going to HOT August nights in Reno this year and I also try to make all of the Blackhawk and Danville cruises.


    So in closing you get to it when you get to it, I'm also sending you the URL for the shifter knob that knows all.


    Rod Simas

  4. Back in the 60's I raced Fords some with T-10s they were lucky to last a weekend then we went to top loaders and they were bullet proof of course they shifted like shit. Can you guess what we did to fix that problem we removed all of the synchro rings except for 1st and reverse and with the long distance of each shift they shifted like butter. Never missed a shift after that except maybe when I was showing off. Now I have a 2014 SuperSnake and they did put a Barton shifter in it a Shelby but does not look like what you have. I can say that it sure is a short distance to me and of course I don't have any reference to compare too. I see know need to power shift since a fast shift seems to work pretty good, but I will have to play with that doing some time test. So I guess my question to you is wasn't the shift distance close enough of course not knowing how a 2008 shifted and what type manual transmission you have I can't assume anything.


    Can you measure the distance from 1st to 2nd and the cross distance from 2nd to 3rd I guess what I'm getting at what was the difference in shift length from your old shifter to your new Barton. I will get back to you on the distance my shift pattern is with my 2014 SuperSnake.


    I hope this all makes some kind of sense I was lucky to see your pictures because mind were in front of yours in the gallery.


    Hope to here from you,


    Rod Simas

  5. Well I guess that answers the question about the signatures, but you know looking back it sure was nice of them. I had my tune take a dump and the car had no spark, so I called the guys at Shelby and about an hour later Kenny called me with the fix. You know one of the things that really pops out at you and me with my short term memory starting to go was the cup holder top with the Snake design! I hope that was a after market item from someone that's still making them.

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