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  1. Does the 'Venom Force' logo go on all ARH headers between these GT500 model years regardless of the vendor? Or are they exclusively produced/sold for/by SPP?
  2. I plan on just taking the battery tender off, reinstating full insurance coverage, starting up and letting her idle for 10mins and then taking it easy on the first tank of gas with no WOT. Second tank is no holds barred.
  3. Ford said no glass roof option for the 15/16 models just yet. I'm sure that could change for 2016.
  4. Absolutely love my glass roof.
  5. 2014 and 1500 miles. Most of those were accumulated over two days of consecutive driving. Zero issues so far.
  6. I'll wait to take it out to the Fedex center and practice first so I can make my mistakes, learn my limits, and get an idea of how it handles with the Goodyears as suggested. I had gotten back a lot of great feedback for the A/S-3s but apparently I need to look further into the MPSS and perhaps set the A/S-3s aside for cooler weather (I won't be driving in the snow/ice).
  7. Hey everyone. I'm in the process of selling off my 2010 GT to purchase a 2014 GT500. I've started doing a tremendous amount of research. Just a few questions regarding some hard street driving. Will I gain any performance (handling, traction) by moving up 10mm front and back with my tires? 275/40/19 and 295/35/20. I'm looking at Michelin Pilot Sport A/S-3 in the stock setup or MPSS in 275/295 otherwise. Currently 275/40/19 all around and love it on my Cooper RS3-As. I want to change out the Goodyear rubber as soon as I pickup the car. I'll be purchasing the M-5300-L springs with a panhard bar to go on as well. Will I need to do like the GTs and go full on relocation brackets, LCA, adjustable UCA to fix any possible problems with my control arms being angled wrong or pinion angle being off? I don't want to incur any traction issues or anymore rear end whine I hear some already have.. I was at least going to go with relocation brackets. Thanks
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