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  1. Congrats LMW! I too would never let 3K get in the way of something that I wanted. Enjoy your new ride!
  2. I am a oil and gas rat myself. I supply heavy equipment to the rigs, batteries and refineries. There are several nu star facilities around Texas.
  3. I have a 2010 GT twin turbo car with 6700 miles that I bought at Barrett Jackson a few years ago. It has 505 rwhp with the dyno sheets and all the paperwork with the parts. It is just up the road in Bandera, Tx. I would sell that car for just over 20K. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it to Canada this afternoon.
  4. If I were in the business of quality customs, the last thing that I would want is TV crews climbing all over the shop.Probably why Chip Foose and Jesse James told Discovery to take a hike as soon as they could get out of their contracts.
  5. No offense, but the fact that some people think that they know what is best for everyone else is the exact reason for our second amendment. I'll keep my guns and my family safe and you can keep the change.
  6. Thanks for the replies. The car has been sent to kinetics for an upgraded set up. When Ford declined the warranty I decided to do it right.
  7. I noticed today that my clutch has started slipping when accelerating from about 60mph in 4th or 5th gear. My car has 13K miles and I don't ride the clutch. Had anyone experienced clutch failures with this low of mileage?
  8. This Harry (Reid) says that taxes are voluntary anyway. The bottom line is that until ALL citizens pay taxes it will be too easy to raise taxes on those who do.
  9. Yeah, put me down as "not upset" that I bought a 2014.
  10. Abilene is a quiet little town. My parents retired there. Low crime.
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