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  1. I don't think anyone buying a 600, 700, or 800hp muscle car is trying to save the planet, be it a 6cyl. or V8. Furthermore, I don't think a few thousand of these cars are going to be our demise. You want to save the planet----- Pop. control. Cleanse the Gene pool.
  2. I put the Eibachs on my car as well. Looked great, but at triple digit speeds the car constantly bottomed out, hard. I changed the rear springs out with FRPP springs and now I love it. Car still sits lower than stock but has enough travel it doesn't bottom out. Also went from a 26.9 diameter tire to 27.4 on all 4 corners. All the harshness is now gone. Rides like a Cadillac compared to before. Just something to ponder over.
  3. Also remember, all tires are not created equally. One manufacturers 305, 315, or whatever size aren't always the same. always check the tire specs.
  4. Not my first rodeo guys. Had this first done by this company to my 1993 Cobra. That was back in '96. So they have been doing this for many years. Pics. to come.
  5. Just got my wheels back from Weldcraft. Had the rears widened 1in. with 305/35 Michelin Pilots. Looks super sick from the rear. Wish I had done it sooner. Not only does it look better, but the Michelins are worlds better than the Goodyears.
  6. Happened on my bone stock 2011 on a hot summer day. About 30 secs. of no throttle after start up. Took it to the Dealer, no codes, no tsbs. Hasn't happened since.
  7. Had a slight scare with my 2011. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Had been driving my car, stopped for a couple of minutes at the store. When I fired it back up, Zero throttle response, only idle. Started working again after couple of minutes. No warning lights, checked by Ford, found nothing wrong.Electronics, love-hate relationship.
  8. Please help. Just got some serious curb rash on one of my wheels. Does anyone have a wheel they would be willing to part with. Might consider a pair for the right price. These are the split 5 spokes. Thanks
  9. Sorry for not making myself clear. But yes J was referring to the 150 mph limiter. Not interested in raising the RPM's. Just want to get more of the top speed out of it.
  10. Hey Guys, New to the forum and was wondering if someone could help me with this Question. What can be done to a 2011 to make the engine unrestricted like the 13 and 14's. Thanks
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