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  1. I always support the axle as inboard as possible at the part of the diff that extends out onto the axleshafts. I have also supported the car at the LCA mounts - it all depends what job I'm doing. You'll see from my pics that I also had a Whiteline watts link. I am itching to fit these goodies to my car but I am being patient. My car is totally stock and when the better weather comes and I can exploit the car a bit I want to see if I will be happy with it stock. I only bought it a few weeks ago so still really feel like I am a long way from knowing what it can do.... Malc
  2. I fitted the Whiteline rear bar to my 07 and noticed much sharper turn-in on even the softest setting. Easy to fit and looks good too. As for jack stands I get them as close to the pumpkin as possible as there was once a scare about the axle shafts popping out of the diff (they're pressed in) though in reality I can't imagine that ever happening. P1010239 by Malc May, on Flickr P1010245 by Malc May, on Flickr The Whiteline is a quality item. It is what I would fit to my '13, no question. Malc
  3. Damn, you've just cost me money: I didn't realise it was missing. My guess is it was removed for ground clearance as there is no sign of damage or anything and I've taken the splitter off to add a lower grille and the attachment was never there. I just bought a new one anyway in case it affects me going 202mph in Germany next year... Thanks for the compliment by the way! Malc
  4. Yeah it's been all over facebook. Waste of a car for a little bit of showing off but there you go...
  5. i Was lucky as I didn't put that much money to the deal: got top money for my 2007 and bought the 2013 trade price (guy desperate to buy a C7 Corvette). I loved my 2007 but the 2013 will make you forget an earlier one: it's not just the engine, it's the ride, the interior, Recaros, adjustable suspension, dash and instruments, noise, brakes, etc etc.... Worth it 110% Malc
  6. I installed on in my '07. Big difference on bumpy twisty roads. Hate to sound like too much of a 2013 fanboy (though maybe I am at the right place for that) but there's something special about the 13 and I don't mean just the power. The panhard doesn't seem to skip so much on bumps though I have yet to drive it really hard (won't get a chance in winter). This car is a BIG improvement over my 07. Ignoring the engine the ride is immeasurably better and the suspension behaviour overall, comparing stock cars, is just a world away. But my original question was based largely on the fact the stock LCAs couldn't deal with my 2005 GT launching and that didn't appear to have any power or torque whereas this car doesn't feel like it has doubkle the power: it feels like it has 10 times the power and 50 times the torque... Malc
  7. Given that the LCAs on previous S197s are pretty much useless (my stock 2005 GT and 2007 GT500 wheelhopped like crazy on hard launches until I changed the stock LCAs) I am assuming the 2013 ones are somewhat better as I don't see anything negative about wheelhop in any reviews in general. Are the stock ones something special on the '13. Just wondering really. My 2007 GT500 benefitted greatly and the relocation brackets really made it dig in off the line. Malc
  8. Well said. I love mine and at the moment am making the most out of telling everyone it's stock. So when I tell them how much power it has I then say "that's out of the factory". The noise. I say "stock exhaust". Everything from grille delete to stripes to Brembo brakes, let Joe Public be shocked that this is some car as it comes. However I will probably mod it at some point.... Regarding traction: my 2007 GT500 had a 100+rwhp kit and for traction it had: BBR LCAs with relocation brackets,Strange adjustable rear shocks, Whiteline adjustable sway bars, Toyo Proxy tyres. Dug in really well even off the line but mash the pedal and the tyres became smoke. And that's still with less power and torque than my 2013 has. What hope is there to hook these up...? Malc
  9. Chips on my car are/were: front left fender forward facing corner, hood (that kills that one then if it's aluminium), 2 x tiny ones on door and a strange little line on rear fender side. No bubbling: they look more like stains so maybe a previous person polished the car with something strange. The car is almost completely unblemished and probably has less stone chips than most. The one that made me think of rust was the inside rear fender where there's a metal seam: the front edge is a dark red/brown colour: no bubbling just the blue paint seems to be worn at the edge (probably by the tyres spitting up stones). Will try and study the chips under a magnifyer or something..I'd like to think it's my imagination as the 2 previous Mustangs I owned didn't show rust and the GT was an all weather driver, even on salted roads. Malc
  10. Anyone know what color primer is used under Grabber Blue on a 2013 GT500? I am almost a bit alarmed that when I find stone chips on my car they seem to be a rust colour (or dark red / orange). I can't believe my car is alive with rust after 8500 miles always kept in a garage and hardly seen rain all its' life.Stone chips are touched in carefully with a tiny brush as soon as I see them and there's evidence that the previous owner touched in all chips. My 2007 used to stone-chip to reveal a white or light primer. My 2005 Mustang GT had 78000 miles when I sold it. I bought it with 50k miles and it was used by the first owner as a daily driver in all weathers, even snow. Used on salty roads, etc and the stone chips weren't rusty. Just wondering. Web-wide search doesn't seem to bring anything up. Malc
  11. Took mine out in the rain yesterday to a Paul Walker tribute meet. Wouldn't normally go out in the rain but this event was one we were looking forward to for months. Drove like there was an egg on the throttle as the roads were cold and wet. Felt nervous all the time and stayed away from the gas! Got loads of attention at the meet. Worth going but it won't get much use in the winter, especially on those Goodyears... Parked between a friend's 2008 GT500 and another friend's Supra... pw_meet by Malc May, on Flickr Malc
  12. Just spotted this...a little late. I installed these on my 07 and they were fine for summer. After getting caught out in the rain a couple of times they started to groan. It was rust on the exposed surfaces. Tried a few lubricants including liquid ptfe type products. What actually happened was that whatever I used would last for less and less time: at first I got a couple of weeks out of an application, then a day, then a few minutes....and I tried to clean the joints as much as I could and work the lubricant in. I reckoned the joints were too finely machined for any lubricant to work its' way in. Unfortunately I had to replace them with stock items. Despite my car being lowered I didn't encounter any undue bump-steer issues going back to stock items so forgot about them until I saw this.... Malc
  13. Top man, I just tried to PM you and I received a popup message that said: the new member "Snoopy49 cannot receive any messages". As you are obviously not a new member I don't know how that can be...? Malc
  14. Steve, don't worry I am not in the market for an S550 - they don't interest me one bit I'm afraid. I'm just talking about Ford dealer support in the UK: the S550 will be sold new in the UK and supported by dealers but I would be surprised if they would retrospectively suppport any older Mustangs including the GT500. Malc
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