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  1. Okay I really like having a stock car, but ????? Was thinking about vmp stage 4 pkg, which is a tune intake throttle body and pulley,BUT this will destroy my WARRANTTY which I don't like at all, THEN i thought I will do a gear swap to 373s , I don't care if it throws the speedometer off I would just leave that alone,DO U THINK, this will make car perform a lot better thru 1/4 mile. I think I would feel a lot better with gear swap for my WARRANTTY sake, what say u guys, don't track my car at all,mainly street race once in a while,all responses welcome.THANK U
  2. My plans are to clean and wax car,and then to put battery tender on, and put car cover over it,but no one will be around car for 5 or 6 months should I just unhook battery or leave a tender on it I guess I'm kinda worried about tender shorten out or catching on fire or something. What say you
  3. Just put my wheels and tires for sale in classified adds for gt 500 if interested,thanks
  4. Okay I have a 2014 shelby gt 500 with standard black seats,would do a trade if everything hooks up correct, my car has APPRX 600 miles, my number is 608-963-7663 Edward Davis
  5. Got wheels thru beefcake racing 1300.00 free shipping with lug nut kit,they have them in polished also. Rear tires thru discount tires direct ask for zach, rear tires 568.00 for 2 305/40/18s free shipping, front runners thru summit Racine 420.00 for 2 185/50/18s so APPRX 2300.00 for everything, just put on Saturday, she hooks pretty good a world difference between these and the stockers.
  6. Last name Davis,white car black stripes= awesomeness for sure
  7. RUNNIN a drag radial on back 305/40/18 and m&h frontrunner on the 18x5 185/50/18 can u daily drive on these front runner tires they are a radial tire ?????
  8. Okay took it apart and can't figure out how to get that muffler looking thing disconnected,pictures would be great on how to do this are any info,tried prying it out with screw driver but don't want to break anything,did replace just the airfilter seems a hair louder not much.
  9. So what sizes are u guys RUNNIN,have stock rims, what will work and fit proper,car is not lowered,no mods yet.
  10. I hear tell u can take factory resonator out of car.and not have to buy resonator delete,I took it apart,but couldn't figure how to get it out,I'm assuming it's that muffler type thing with all the holes in it, any Info and pics would be appreciated.
  11. Stupid question,where is the MAF located. IS THAT THE TUBING THAT HOOKS ONTO THE AIR FILTER
  12. Have 2014 shelby gt 500 all stock,gonna put a resonator delete and huts a K&N air filter,not changing anything else,can I get buy with out a tune,what say u. Also later might change TB WHAT ABOUT THEN. what say u
  13. ANYBODY HAVE THIS KIT,I HAVE A 2014 shelby,is this kit okay for a daily driver possibly will jump in car and drive a 1000 miles in a day,also is pulleys really that hard to get off even with a puller,will car run hotter,will I need a oil separator for sure does it create more pressure in the engine,I live in WISCONSIN ,but drive out to New Mexico sometimes,do not want the expense of bigger radiators or heat exchangers,( would I be better off with a smaller kit like stage 2 or stage 3, any info would be appreciated.or should I leave stock???????????
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